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Nov 5, 2021
What I want what I need and is so bad i deserve nothing less for the disgusting ways to even think it..its not about sex but of it pleases you or another and they can handle the nastiness then ok ..I need no pleasure..I want a farmer type to own me by relocating me with contract shave me down eyebrows and all I'm already fat and missing most my teeth ..then have pig ears and nose and binder hands to live with the pigs ..bowing to them ..fighting for the slop hoping to eat and at times being forced to eat Till I throw up ..at night being tied and suspended to slop poured over me to allow the pigs to route and eat slop off of me ..ect ...and be treated as degrading and un human like as possible till death do us part I mo longer wish to live a human life with rights and decency..I have had enough of this cruel world..tired of living right and still get nothing so I am nothing ..please take me but this is my only wish and I will come with you if i know for sure you will do these things and more after we talk and I know your the right farmer . Then we can work out the details if your serious I'm dead serious this is no game too old for games..tell me what you got and what my future holds!

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