Punnishment Camp Day1


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Jan 9, 2021
Sir has a idea that I need some true humiliation and wants to teach me a lesson...

Sir gets me to pack a picnic and our toys. I know better than to ask questions so I just get to it.

As I get stuff together making food and drinks getting a blanket and the toys, Sir makes a couple phone calls all I hear is on the first call, Sir letting the person know he likes the trees by the River, this struck me as odd.

The second call all I hear is maybe some other time unless you want to bring them. Ok now I know he is inviting others to join us, but who?

Sir has me dress in just a coat and stockings however he stressed, "Make sure you bring all toys!" I knew this included diapers, clothing, even hair ties and certain foods. I made sure it was all there. Sir had bought some stuff to make me poop, I was unaware or this however and he brought lots if fluids, on top of what I packed he had bought a case of water.

Sir helps me bring everything to the car at which point he has me find the blindfold and gag, as he places everything in the car. He instructs me to sit in the back seat, he had a fun time placing handcuffs on me and tying them to the side door. Then Sir places the gag in my mouth, and blindfolds me. He assures me as he opens the coat and pulls down the stockings, that I am going to be in for a treat/punnishment and surprise. I gulp in anticipation.

Sir drives for a while then on a pretty bumpy road he let's me know were almost there.

Sir parks the car, I hear voices as Sir gets out. I can't help but think about who it is I just know it's a woman and a man. The door opens and I notice nice soft hands slowly make their way up my legs, thighs, gently across my swollen with excitement sex as I hear her whisper, "Oh you are a naughty girl."
Her hands continue up my chest pausing at my breasts with erected nipples, she moans a slight but if enjoyment to see that, then gently up my neck behind my head she untied me from the door.

This girl then helps me get out of the car as I am still in handcuffs, she puts what feels like a collar and leash on me. Since I am cuffed she said that I do not have to crawl, However Sir was thrilled with the crawling idea and took the cuffs off.

I was then instructed to get on my hands and knees. I did this carefully as I couldnt see, and I heard chuckles coming from all of them.

Suddenly I had a cold moist yet hard sensation enter my ass. I instantly knew I was becoming a pet for them to play with, as it was a tail butt plug. I figured that out when the soft fur brushed against my thigh and leg.

I also got a sudden sensation on heat after, I was now aware they used icy hot as lube, mmm ohhhh the warmth was so welcoming.

I crawled for what felt like an hour to me but I guess it was only 5 minutes. This brought us to a few trees and a picnic area. Sir then tied my leash to a tree so I was stuck with not much wiggle room. He giggled watching me try to move around to get a feel for how much I could go, since I couldn't see.

The other man had not overly done anything as if yet so I was curious what he was going to do.

Sir shoved something that seamed like a dildo but colder up my pussy, it was wrapped in a condom, I am sure as it was slippery and he said he almost lost it. I had no idea what I was in for.

The girl braided my hair with strings in it which they tied to the collar so when I moved my head it pulled my hair. I then noticed a sticky sensation as the aroma of honey embraced me. I had no defences and couldnt even beg them not to do it.

It was all over my vagina, breasts and ass. Then all of a sudden a sharp stinging smack welled across my ass,, this brought tears to my eyes. I heard Sir whisper for them to walk away, as they did I recieved another welting smack from each of them.

The next thing I knew I was being left there for what felt like days. The thoughts running through my head scared me...
What if they left me here?
What if a wild animal comes along?
What if bees or spiders get attracted?
I wasnt liking what was going through my thoughts.

The next thing I knew there was sounds similar to a big dog or something approaching. I worried if it was a strange animal I couldnt see, yell, or fight it away. I could squirm and move my legs but I worried what may be a consequence if I did.

This creature, which I later learned was the other friends dog, approached me and started licking all the honey off. The silky caress of te tongue started to intrigue me. As the fur softly brushed my skin. It's hot breath exhaling across my clit.

As they noticed me breathing heavy and looking like I wanted to cum they pull back on the dog and I get cold water thrown on me. I suddenly realize it's going to be a long night. The Male friend now decides to paddle me with his wet belt on my breasts and ass leaving welts worse then the last ones, I am crying and being laughed at.

Sir approaches and writes I need punishments and please do anything you want to me. The rest of his friends go for a walk and ask people to join the fun. I have no idea who any of them are and this has me red with embarassment.

My whole body exposed and soiled with honey welts and writing. Some people wrote on me. The word where, slut, fuck toy, one person wrote use all holes. Some people spanked me on my breasts, ass and pussy. One person placed super sticky tape across all over my pussy hairs, this person asked Sir to leave it in ke till morning then if he could record the removal and send it to him.

Sir got his number and agreed he was pleased with the turn out and how well I was behaving. He still did not wish to stop. GIving me drinks now and then he decided before I have to pee he was going to place a diaper on me. I must have been glowing I felt so warm with embarassment as he informed me the diaper will stay on the rest of the duration. Sir had plans for that diaper and me after.

Through the evening Sir would remove the gag just for me to drink water, causing me to pee often. At one point someone noticed pee dripping down my legs and Sir laughed. When the diaper was full he placed it on my head and called it my hat.

OMG the embarassment was huge. Sirs male friend also placed weighted clips on my nipples and pussy lips the girl decided to place a tack pad on me with duct tape to hold it there. They decided that they were done for the night and asked Sur if he would like to do this again sometime and he replied with, Sure we will be here for a couple days. I GULPED! Sticky stinky full of welts and wearing clips and tacks and a pee hat, gagged and blindfolded while bound with nasty writing all over me....

Sir let me know he was going to take the gag off however I wasn't to speak unless asked a question.I nod in aknlowledgement and he removes the gag. Sir then unbinds my hands and makes me lay down, no pillow or blanket. He then takes off my blindfold and I see he had this site set up already he had this planned, how many if those people were people we knew? Now I am even more humiliated.

Sir asks if I am comfortable I say ," Not really Sir, however I am embracing it for you." Sir is pleased with this answer. I doze off thinking about what will tomorrow bring.

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