Pursuing a fnatsy part 2


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Feb 19, 2016
I opened my eyes and found Matt’s cock at my partially open lips. “Suck me real nice,” He said “I have something special planned for you today.” “That is, if you plan to stay.”
In answer, I opened my mouth and leaned forward to take it in. He stood there for a minute and then pulled out of my mouth, leaving me gaping like a gold fish. He leant down and picked up my manacles and attached them to my ankles and wrists. He then placed a collar on my neck. Holding the collar he pulled me up out of bed, and forced me to kneel on the floor. He attached my wrist cuffs, then then sat on the bed and pulled my face to his cock. “Open wide, little subby,” He said, “and suck me like you did yesterday.”
I moved my head to take his cock into my mouth. I started sucking him feeling his member slowly grow, and listening to him moan. "Ooooh that's good." He moaned.
I worked his now awakened member in and out of my mouth, giving the head a little suck at times, a large suck at others. Licking at the hole, and nibbling around the glans. He grabbed my head and held me while I sucked and nibbled the glans, tasting his pre-cum. He let me go, and I continued to suck his cock into my mouth, moving my head up and down along the shaft. Once again his hands held my head still, I felt him start to shudder and he came, his fluids surging up the length of his cock past my lips and into my mouth.
I kept the head in my mouth and sucked and nibbled until the flow stopped. I swallowed the load and continued to suck and nibble as his erection faded.
“Excellent!” He exclaimed, “From now on, this is the way I want my days to begin when you are here.” “Let us talk for a while, before we go any further I think we need to sort some things out.” “But first you need to get showered, off you go.”
I stood up and started to remove my collar, I stopped and looked at Matt for permission. He smiled, and said, “You need to take your cuffs and collar off to shower, full marks for asking permission.” With that I took off my collar and manacles, and laid them on the bed and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. As I showered, I thought about my life and what had happened since Friday. Did I want to continue in this relationship? The hot water played across my back and stung where the lashes had struck. I shivered, but felt my penis starting to come to life. I knew then, that I wanted more, wanted to explore this relationship.
I turned off the water and dried myself, Matt had a guest basket filled with toiletries, toothbrushes and razors. I performed my ablutions, and then walked into the bedroom. The cuffs and collar felt natural now, not part of any bondage. I threw on the bathe robe and walked into the kitchen.
A simple continental style breakfast had been laid. Matt motioned for me to sit and eat. We sat there eating for a while, and then he spoke.
“I want you to be my little sub.” He said, “I would like you to spend weekends with me. I promise that it will be interesting.” “Should you agree, there will be only one rule.” He looked sternly at me and said, “When you are wearing my collar, you will do what I say or the game will end.” “As always,” He continued, “You need only say your safe word and I will cease anything I am doing, remove your collar and cuffs, and you will leave.” Is that understood?”
I had prepared myself for this, after a few minutes I raised my head and said, “Yes, Master, I wish to be your sub.” I will do whatever you require of me while I am in your care.” “Thank you.”
Matt smiled and said “Wonderful, we will have so much fun together.” With that he walked around the table, took my head in his hands and kissed me. I returned his kiss hungrily, I had entered his home as a straight, and now wished only to please my Master and pleasure his body.
Matt broke off the kiss and smiled. “I am having a hard time trying to decide whether to fuck you right now, or to play with you for a while first.” “I want you to know that your blow jobs are fantastic.” “Hmmmm what to do, what to do.”
Suddenly he stood up and walked around the table. He attached the leash, and then led me into his playroom. He led me to an Andrews cross, and attached my arms to the top and then spread my legs and attached them to the base. I could not see very well facing the cross and turned my head to see what he was doing. My ass was prodded with something that gave me an enormous shock, I writhed for a few seconds then hung there facing the opposite wall.
I heard Matt laugh, and say “Doesn’t he learn quickly my dear?” I am going to have so much fun, I can’t wait.” He walked over to me and growled, “Little subby, I want you hairless, and my friend Cheryl is here to help me wax you.” I would gag you, but I would much rather hear your cries and screams.” Are you ready Cheryl?”
I heard a soft voice say, “Yes, Matt I have everything ready.”
I felt a warm goo being spread on my on my fore arm. I didn’t look because I did not want another jolt. I kept my eyes closed as something was pressed into the goo. Then it was snatched off of my arm, making me gasp. I heard Cheryl say, “Would you like to help Matt? It will go a lot quicker with two of us.”
Matt said, “Yes, it looks like fun. Did you see how he flinched when you did his arm. We will get some howls from him before we are finished.”
From then on there were two pair of hands ripping the hair from my body The worked methodically down my arms, onto my shoulders, and down my back. Truth to tell, it had not been bad at all, I had barely flinched as they denuded my back.
Then I felt the warm goo being applied to my armpits. I steeled myself for what was coming, but still shrieked when both of my armpits had the hair ripped out, no once but multiple times. Both Cheryl and Matt laughed and slapped my ass, hard.
They then worked their way down my butt, and onto my legs. The armpits had made my body very sensitive and I flinched and shouted as they completed the available parts of my body.
Matt released my legs and arms, I nearly fell I felt so weak. “Turn around.” He said, “We’re not finished yet.”
He mounted me again on the cross facing them. “I think that it will be more fun if you can’t see where we are.” With that he blindfolded me.
They started on my chest, I squealed and struggled as the hairs were ripped from my body. They exchanged pleasantries and compared each of my squeals to the previous one. Each patch of hair increased my sensitivity, and I was in tears by the time they finished my legs. Then I froze, realizing that they had saved the ‘best’ for last.
I felt the familiar warm goo being applied to my groin, and the cloth being applied. They counted to three and ripped the hair off in opposite directions as I screamed the place down. IT took several applications, as it had with my armpits, and I squealed and squirmed as they finished off.
“Now for the Brazilian.” Matt said, “Can you do him like this, or should I spread his legs a bit more?”
Cheryl replied, “It will be easier if you can spread them a little.”
I felt Matt fasten something around my right thigh, and then pulled it to one side. I heard a soft click, and my leg remained in place. Then he did the same on the left. “That should do.” Cheryl said.
I felt the warm goo being spread from the base of my testicals to over my anus. The cloth was pressed into place and then the cloth was pulled off slowly, it seemed like it took ages. I was screaming and struggling, but to no avail, the cloth was replaced several times and my denuding was complete.
Matt was laughing and applauding. “You looked like an X-rated jumping jack when that last hair was removed.”
He then removed the blind fold and removed me from the frame. I could barely stand, but he pulled me by the leash to a chair, and forced me to kneel in front of it. “Cheryl requires payment for your treatment.” Matt explained, “She has most graciously deferred a portion of her charge for later, but for now you will give her a nice orgasm.”
She slipped out of her pants unceremoniously and sat on the chair. She pointed at her hairless slit and said, “Get to it.” Then she laughed and started pulling on the leash.
I started to use my hands to separate the flaps, to allow my tongue easier entry. A tawse that I did not know she had striped my back. “You will use only your lips mouth and tongue.” She snarled, then she gave me a few more lashes. “Do you understand?” she said.
I nodded, and put my face to her lips. Her puss tasted musty and salty, I ran my tongue between the lips and used my mouth to worm my way between. I ran my tongue down to her vagina and darted it in and out before sliding it in as far as I could. Cheryl squirmed and moaned, as my tongue explored as much vagina as I could reach. Cheryl put her legs over my shoulders, which gave me better access to her vagina. My tongue explored further, she was getting very wet, and her juices were salty and sweet. I withdrew my tongue and licked down her taint. I heard her gasp as I inserted my tongue into her, anus. She was nice and clean, thankfully, but I lingered there only a little while before running my tongue back up her taint, teased her dripping vagina and slid my tongue up to her little man.
She moaned as my tongue licked around the little mound of flesh, and I used my tongue like a lash to pummel her clit. She started to squirm, and I put my lips around her clitoris, and started sucking her into my lips, like it was a tiny cock. I sucked it in and out increasing the rhythm and varying the pressure. Her legs closed around my head and she arched her back as she squealed with delight and climaxed.
I kept licking and sucking, trying to make her climax as long and as deep as possible. She removed her legs and pushed me away and said, “That’s enough, stop!” When I didn’t immediately halt my ministrations, I felt five hard lashes from the tawse which burned.
I sat back, and awaited her pleasure. She sat there awhile regaining her composure and said, “What a good little toy you are for sure!” “I will relish the next installment.” With that she rose and dressed, “Goodbye little toy.”
I felt Matt’s presence behind me, but remained kneeling and did not acknowledge his presence. “Follow me.” He commanded.
I stood and followed him, my leash dangling from my collar. He led me into the bedroom. He turned and said, “Remove your cuffs, we are done for a while.”
I removed my cuffs, but continued to wear the collar and leash. I looked at him quizzically, and he smiled. He took the leash and pulled me to him. He pulled me close and kissed me, I returned the kiss hungrily. He reached down and took my privates and squeezed them gently, and then kissed me again. I reached down and took his swelling member in my hand. He released me from the lip lock, and sat on the bed. “I want you to give me another blow job, like you did the first time.” He demanded.
I said, “Yes, Master I would like that.”
He gave the leash a little tug, and I went to my knees in front of him. He was already hard, his enormous cock stared at me. I leaned forward and licked the head, and then took it into my mouth. It felt good having his warm cock in my mouth again, I gave it a suck and a nibble, and then took it further in and moved my mouth along the length back and forth. I stopped at the head and licked and nibbled at it, tasting his salty pre-cum. I continued to suck and lick and nibble him feeling him grow in my mouth until my mouth could barely accommodate it.
He leaned forward and handed me a condom and said "Put this on for me, and then we will see if it still fits."
I gave the head of his penis a playful suck and rolled the condom down his member. He handed me a tube of lubricant, and I applied it liberally to my anus.
Matt pulled me on to the bed and kissed me again. He lay on top of me kissing me and sucking my nipples. He shifted and offered the head of his cock to my anus. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. I relaxed to allow him entry, and then my sphincter stretched and he made his painful entrance. I squealed a little, I guess, and he said "I love to hear you squeal." Then he started ramming it deep inside me.
His cock sliding in and out felt very nice. He grabbed my head and kissed me, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth in rhythm to his thrusting. He would occasionally pull the head of his cock out before plunging it back in, making me squeal a bit each time. Then he started to ram into me even harder, kissing me harder as he slammed his meat inside of me. Then he went stiff and I heard him moan as he climaxed. He gave a couple more strokes and then pulled out.
He rolled off me, I sat up and positioned myself at his crotch. I gingerly took the condom off his shrinking penis taking care not to get any of the slime from the outside on his cock. I threw the condom in the trash and looked up at him, and began to clean the cum from his cock with my lips and tongue. I licked up to the head and then took him once again into my mouth. I started sucking him feeling his member slowly grow in my mouth, and listening to him moan. His member grew and grew, responding to my ministrations.
I worked his now awakened member in and out of my mouth, giving the head a little suck at times, a large suck at others. Licking at the hole, and nibbling around the glans. I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, it was now fully awake and stretching my lips once again. I felt him start to shudder and he came, his fluids surging up the length of his cock past my lips and into my mouth. I kept the head in my mouth and sucked and nibbled until the flow stopped. I swallowed the load and continued to suck and nibble as his erection faded. I laid down next to him and accepted his kiss.
“That was excellent,” He said. “But kickoff is in 15 minutes, and I want to watch Dallas get their butts kicked.” Let’s get up and watch the game. We got up and dressed, then called out for a supreme pizza. Matt brought me a beer, sat beside me and turned on the game. The game started, and Dallas scored a quick goal. Matt moaned and turned to me. Just as he started to speak, the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it.” I said.
I threw on the robe, and opened the door. A schoolboy, by the look of him, said “Pizza for Mr. Matt”. I took the package from him, and left him waiting while I went to get my wallet. I paid for the pizza, and included a tip. He stared at me while I counted out the cash, and then thanked me. He wished me a nice day and left.
I took the pizza into the kitchen and found napkins and plates, and a bottle of red wine. I carried our repast into the living room, just as the Star Spangled Banner was playing. I placed everything on the coffee table, and poured out two glasses of wine. Matt looked up and smiled. He patted the couch beside him and indicated that I should sit.
We started to eat as the game started. Matt looked over to me and said. “You are a Cowboy fan for today.” “You will cheer every move they make, and dance when they score.” “Do you understand?”
I looked at him and replied, “Yes, Master, I understand.”