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Nov 20, 2007
Below are links to websites that will interest those who wish to explore both male and female chastity belts. If you have a link that you think belongs on this list please reply to this thread with it. Links that the staff think are important will be added below at our leisure.

Please do not contribute links to pay or porn sites. This will be considered spamming by the staff. Useful resources only please. The below links are in order of relevance.

Wikipedia: Chastity belt
Information on both the history and modern use of chastity belts.

Jan Thor's Chastity Belt Page
The best introduction to chastity belts anyone could ask for. Includes a wealth of useful well-written text and illustration.

Altairboy's Chastity Belt Site
The best male and female chastity resource site in existence. Includes a wealth of reviews, fiction, and true stories. Sadly all images were pulled from the site several years ago so everything is pure text. This change most heavily effects the home built portion of the site. User Valrinn has pointed out that you can use to sometimes view the pictures that used to be in the articles here!

Chastity UK
Contains a massive photo collection of various chastity devices both for males and females. Site also has some great essays on the subject as well as chastity belt reviews and surveys.

Restrictive Forums
Very active German forum with discussions that include some of the more rare and exotic belts.
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May 6, 2008
On the Altairboy site, you can sometimes use to see the pictures.


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Jan 7, 2019
Second and third link are dead unfortunately.

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