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Nov 20, 2007
Below are links to websites that will interest those who wish to explore different sex toys. If you have a link that you think belongs on this list please reply to this thread with it. Links that the staff think are important will be added below at our leisure.

Please do not contribute links to pay or porn sites. This will be considered spamming by the staff. Useful resources only please. The below links are in order of relevance.

A Guide to Sex Toys
A great guide on vanilla sex toys.
For each type of toy, we've identified which specific model seems to be the best-made and best-designed of those currently available.


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Oct 16, 2015
S(A)X Leather BDSM & Leather Fetish Shop

Hi Everyone,

If your interest is in leather fetish then S(A)X Leather is your place of fantasy. We are an icon of the Australian leather fetish scene.

'Quality and Service' is our simple philosophy and handcrafted Australian Made Leather Bondage & BDSM gear is what we do best.

At S(A)X Leather we endeavour to give you the best quality leather bondage gear, made in our own factory near Sydney, Australia.

We cater for all tastes and ship virtually anywhere.


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May 15, 2016
Not sure where to put this.

I am learning basic programing so I decided to make a Tease and denial app.
Basicly you set how many edges the sub must do before they can ask if they can cum. Each time they ask and are denied they must do that many edges again and wait for a set time before they can ask again.
The response is random but it will rarely let them cum.
There is a limit option to ensure they can cum though.
feel free to set it to 1000. That should be fun.
Can be used by subs on their own.


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Jul 18, 2016
Niche Sex Toys

Betty's Toy Box is an online sex toy store that features of variety of products in terms of vibrators and couple play toys. They also feature more niche products such as ejaculating dildos, vibrators with foreskin, and hybrid lubes designed to look like cum.