Sadistic daddy dom looking for his young little sub girl to train and own


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Aug 10, 2018
Age: 34
Name: Kev
Role: Daddy/Master
Years experience: 12
Location: USA (Online/LDR okay)
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Looking for: long term relationship - Little, sub, slave, middle, kitten, princess.

**If you don’t have honest and genuine intentions, please don’t lead me on. I don’t expect a relationship right away but I am an honest and transparent person, I expect the same from those I talk with.**

I am a 34 year old Daddy Dom and Master, I have 12 years of experience living this lifestyle though the DD nature was always there just unknown until I learnt the lifestyle existed. I am 100% monogamous and devote my time and attention to one person only. I am happy where my life is at and just want to find a little kitten princess who complements my life. I prefer to live the DDlg lifestyle pretty much 24/7 bar times some discretion is needed. I am open towards long distance.

I’m firm but fair and will adjust to suit your needs, being a Daddy comes naturally to me and isn’t forced. I do believe in behaviour modification through punishments and nurturing. I am more about nurturing and guiding along with rewarding good behaviour over punishing bad behaviour., aftercare is always practiced and given and will never be left out.

You must be:


-Very Clingy

-Very Wanty (“needy” but I dislike that word)

-Knowledge of the lifestyle (experience not required, newbies are encouraged).

-Enjoy this as a lifestyle not just bedroom antics.

-Know how to communicate.

-Cheeky yet obedient.





-Young, Pale, ginger, petite, lolita, goth, masochist, redhead (any of this is a plus)

All things will be discussed at length and agreed to before entering into anything, nothing is forced and always open to communication. I am in no rush to get into a relationship, I wish to ensure the next person I devote myself to is a good match before I even consider anything.

Kik: SirJayDom