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Jul 25, 2021
I am looking for someone sadistic and dominant to humiliate, control, and abuse me. I own a chastity device and would like to try playing with it. Online until we get to know each other better. I use skype only. I prefer women.

I don't really have likes as most of the things i'm interested in as i don't really enjoy, they just turn me on. I'd like to be owned by someone who is dominant and sadistic and who can find pleasure in my suffering.

I really like when an owner takes control over me and uses me as a slave. Making me feel worthless and helpless makes me even more submissive. I'm mostly interested in: permanent chastity, humiliation, degradation, verbal humiliation/abuse, name calling, nipple play, sph, tease and denial, light pain, brainwashing, and so on. Only interested in live sessions, no sending pics and videos. My limits are: illegal, animals, permanent damage, blood, blackmail, exposure, needles, crossdressing, anal, paid sessions (if you don't enjoy it don't contact me).

I'd like to start it with a one week period during which You'll have full control over my sexual pleasures and my body. When You talk to me with a sense of entitlement and take my submission for granted it gets me really turned on and submissive. I'd like to experience how it feels when i have no right to say no to You and have to obey your orders completely. During the agreed period You will own my body and use it as You please. You can also set 24/7 rules that i have to follow. I will be honest with You and if i break a rule i will tell You so You can punish me. I'm also open to being punished whenever You feel like it. You can decide how long the sessions will last and how often You want to use me (i prefer longer sessions). You can push me as much as You want to and don't pay attention to how i feel. I'm interested in mental torture, when i reach my limit and can't go any further but You keep pushing and ignore my inability to take it any longer. For instance if You see i cannot take any more humiliation and torture You can simply decide to intensify it or prolong it and make me beg for more. That way You will surely break me and my self esteem and put me in my place. However i can stand only light pain and can't reach orgasm while feeling a lot of pain. I'm not looking for someone who is caring, but rather someone who is mean, abusive, and merciless, who is selfish and has zero respect for me and my needs. I want to be treated like a real slave, like you really own my body as your property which i have no rights to use on my own, while You can use me any way You want to.

To spice it up a little bit, for the period of one week You can leave the M/s agreement any time you want, but i have to be your slave for the whole period. That way, even if i don't like it, i'll have to keep obeying your orders and rules, and accept any punishment from You. The fact that i must keep serving You the whole period makes me so scared and in the same time turns me on so much.

Please note that i have my life obligations (aka work) so i won't be available during that time (i don't want to lose my job for this). When i have to leave for work, it can't be helped.

Before we start I'd like to see you on webcam so i know whom i'm submitting to. I am not interested in those who don't wanna show themselves, as i'm not asking you to strip or get naked, i'm simply asking You to introduce yourself. Therefore if you don't have a webcam don't contact me. When we start You can either type or speak, but I will need to see You if You speak.

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