Somewhere: F/Dom/26 seeks M/Sub/All ages ~ Ready to play my dice dares?

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United States (West of the Rockies)


Not so kinky
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Feb 1, 2018
26 year old dominant female seeking a submissive male of any age

Looking for male slaves/sissy willing to play my dice dares and serve me in my dungeon.
Some of my dice dares are:
Anal play
Metronome dare
Snakes and ladders, and a lot more.

online domination is okay with me.

PM me for my contact details or you can leave your contact details thru PM.

  • Kinks:
femdom, anal play, nipple play, cbt

  • Experience:
doing this for 4 years.

  • Limits:
extreme pain



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Feb 8, 2018
I'd like to Thank you for embracing Your dominant nature and sharing it with us. As an acolyte of Ms Renee Lane I'd like to share with you her words and invite you to read her book, Finding Love Through Female Domination.

Sometimes I’m reluctant to share what I’m doing with my sub because when I actually write it down it sounds like my sub is in a monstrously abusive relationship while I sound like a cruel gold-digging narcissist. Nevertheless, I find writing cathartic, so I share. Also, I love that Fetlife is full of intelligent people willing to comment on my latest escapade, mistake, adventure, etc. I learn quite a lot sometimes. Last semester, I was too busy with graduate work to do much in the way of domination except for whipping him twice a week. Despite school making me a zombie, he faithfully took great care of me. All of my past training of him is paying off in a very practical way. When I’m that stressed, my sexual drive usually drops. So, I decided to do the same to him. I’ve kept him in chastity most of the time. Once a week, after punishment, I would have him kneel in front of the toilet and pump one out while I ridiculed his size and manhood. Verbal abuse was a problem for me when we started but now one wicked harsh comment after another comes burbling up from some endless fountain of evil bitchiness I never knew was there. I feel a psychological release after such a session. I only gave him five minutes to complete his task but he was usually done in less. I can’t believe I did this to him for weeks. I can’t believe it got me off but it did. When he finished I always demanded oral sex. The sight of him fisting himself so desperately while I berated him created in me enough interest to want an orgasm. That was about the sum of our sex life last semester. Grad school is tough on us but we are getting through it. We had a great time over the holidays. I had the time and energy to be more creative. He, of course, loved it. Now, it’s back to the grind. Vanilla couples have their coping skills and we have ours. I could never do what I’m doing without his faithful dog like service. Maybe this semester I’ll let him rub against my leg. You know, for being so dog like. And, I love dogs. MsReneeLane


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May 23, 2017
Willing and pathetic

Kik: jaxiboi20 i also have skype Mistress, i would live to be your puppet.
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