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May 20, 2013
What are your favorite and least favorite spanking positions?

here are mine:

favorite: otk (it’s so intimate, especially when they use their free hand to hold you in place), on all 4’s, laying on stomach

least favorite: lunge position, wheelbarrow, diaper (legs up)


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Feb 18, 2024
I have two favorites.
I like the intimacy of over the knee. I like how both Mistress and Daddy push my head down with their left hand and use the paddle with their right, while placing their leg over the backs of mine to hold me in place.
The other favorite of mine is the diaper or legs up position. Especially when Daddy is using the extension cord to beat me. I love how the entire backs of my legs and my bottom are vulnerable and I like how my legs and bottom get all marked up with thick red and black welps from his very hard and fast lashes with the cord. Neither daddy nor Mistress hold back. All of my spankings are very very hard, very fast and hurt so bad, regardless of if they are spanking (actually beating) me for maintenance or punishment.
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