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Aug 18, 2013
Chapter 7
I was in so much pain it felt like this day was going on forever. i was humiliated and degraded so many thoughts went through my head like why i was in this position and how would it end. Its also as if my body was betraying me because it was always so wet and turned on by every humiliating task and punishment. just as i was thinking woa is me Ashley spoke to me saying okay My little fuck toy your punishment is over now it is time for us to have some real fun. A good fuck toy knows how to multitask and you want to be a good little fuck toy right. I replied with the only answer i could which was yes. Ashley then said perfect she untied me from the door and untied my crotch rope the dildo and my plug fell out. she said stand up Ashley then began to tie my arms behind my back it was so tight she put clothes pins on my nipples then Ashley said perfect all ready she asked me how do i feel, i then replied im in a lot of pain and my nipples are sore. Ashley then said you will soon be begging to feel this way everyday you just wait soon you will be in wonderful ecstasy so lets begin shall we Ashley stated. First Tyler and max have been having all the fun but i think its my turn Ashley began to take off her blue jeans to reveal her cherry red thong. she then said okay fuck toy take off my panties. i was supper confused to how i was going to take them off because my hands were tied being my back Tyler and max just sat there and snickered. i then began to try and maneuver to take them off with my hands bending my knees up and down i went but i was unsuccessful Ashley then said lets give her some help boys and she gave them both a belt they began spanking me all over which was not really helping. after a few strokes i decided to just use my mouth once it was off she shoved the it in my mouth and said with a big smile hold on to these for me will you she then put my collar on and said lets go for a walk i was completely terrified i didn't want to go but if i didn't listen she would post me on the internet but if i did listen someone might see me in the humiliating potion i didn't know what to do so i just obeyed she walked me through or living room which was empty thank goodness and to our balcony the cold air rushed on my dripping wet pussy and onto my nipples the cool air was actually a pleasant contrast to the pain of the clamps on my nipples. Ashley laid on the ground and spread her pussy lips open and said do the alphabet. i had never given a girl head before but i knew no wasn't and option i got down on my knees and began giving her head it was not that bad Ashley seemed to be enjoying herself.Ashley then grabbed the back of my head ad pushed it in further as she climaxed she then said now i want you to fuck Tyler I had never had sex with anyone other than my ex i hesitated and said no Ashley said okay i guess ill just post these pictures and all these videos maybe you can explain it to your over protective parents they will probably understand that their daughter is a giant whore. i said no please dont do that ill do it. i then walked over to Tyler and bent over the bench we have on the balcony then Tyler began fucking my pussy it was so full but it felt amazing i began moaning and Ashley just stood there laughing i had only had sex with one guy and never on the balcony in front of two other people but it as also really amazing at the same time Ashley said you making to much noise max occupy her mouth max then shoved his cock in my mouth i gagged i didn't know what to do there was so much going on. Ashley then said to me focus you need to learn to multi task this isn't about you it is about making Tyler and max happy so mo cumming make sure they are taken care of first then you will be rewarded.......
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