Sub or slave girls ar boys needed


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Dec 6, 2015
Any sub girls can approach me for some supreme domination
Kik smalee8

So what exactly is "supreme domination"?

Also I hate to play the age card but at a fresh 18yrs old you hardly have the experience level needed to be considered "supreme". Im not saying people cant dabble prior to 18 but lets be realistic, prior to 18 you couldnt be legally participating in local meets dungeons or munches. Essentially all kink related websites you really werent on legally if you were under 18 either. Furthermore any actual dynamics you participated in with someone over 18 while you were under 18 was wrong on so many levels. Not to mention illegal and dangerous for you both.

Also your post here:
shows you are a sub trying to get up with the domme in the post. So maybe you should change your profile here to switch at best. TBH you prob need to do some research get a mentor and learn before searching out someone to serve you. Two new people with little experience in a dynamic is a dangerous thing.

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