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Apr 6, 2020
I've been lurking here for a long time, but this my first reply :)

Very good execution. I LOVED it! Position training is one of my big kinks, and I can get very very picky about it, but I must say, you did an outstanding job!

If you'd like to take it to the next level, here is a critique of each one... But take it with a grain of salt, your owner might have different expectations or prefer other variations of the same poses. This is just my own opinion.


+ Nice posture. Your chin is up, back straight, slightly leaning forward to present your tits. This is very good.​
- You are resting a bit too much on your legs and "squishing" your calves. Try to lift your thighs up a little. I know it is less comfortable, but that's the point.​
- You hands are "holding" each other. The example doesn't show it clearly, but it would be more appropriate to cross your arms behind your back, keeping your palms flat, or (even better) have them in a "box" position. Like this:​

2) REAR:

+ Almost perfect. In my opinion, you are executing it better than the model. She hides her tits behind her arms. Yours are nicely visible.​
- If I really had to find an excuse to make you practice, I would have you place your hands a bit differently. Thumb on the inside of the knees, all other fingers on the outer side.​

3) WALL:

This one is one of my favorite positions... It looks easy and simple, but it is not! You need to keep working on that one.​
+ Legs are well spread and your upper body is nicely leaning forward.​
- Stand on your tiptoes​
- Hands must be well above head, arms should be straight​
- Keep your collarbone straight​
- You can arch your back more, raise your ass up in the air. Look at the model, her head is only slightly higher than her butt​


+ Perfection. Flawless posture. Some prefer to have the hands on top of each other (I think does it), or the wrist crossed, but the way you did it is perfectly acceptable to me.​


Another favorite of mine :) And a very tricky one.​
+ It's not a well known position, I'm really glad you tried it :)
- Set your head straight, chin up​
- Look at the model's arms and hands. Her hands are behind her head (fingers clasped together). Her forearms are forming a straight horizontal line. You actually did it better on the EXPOSE position.​
- Knees should be spread wider. Even the model would get a remark for that. Here is a relatively decent example (Although her arms positioning could be better)​


+ Impressive! Despite the looks, this is actually not an easy one. Just a few minor details...​
- Same as "ENDURE": set your head straight, chin up​
- Arms position is already better, but can still be improved. Your forearms should positioned symmetrically and form a straight horizontal line, like the model's.​
- Your feet are not level. Look closely at the example, you big toes should be touching each other.​


+ No comment. You absolutely nailed it.​

BONUS) General remarks
  • Again, my comments are based on my own preferences and how I require those positions to be executed. Your mileage may vary
  • All in all, this is a very good performance. I had to pick on small details, which means you've probably practiced those poses quite a lot. Congratulation to you and whoever trained you.
  • I loved your attention to the details, even appropriately labeling yourself "sA"
  • Nitpicking again... When being inspected, make sure your collar is straight and the metal ring is not flattened against it.

PS: To sA and anyone reading this... Don't hesitate to PM me if you'd like to explore this kink more in depth! I'd be more than happy to participate ;) You can also message me on kik: michaelgivestasks

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