(Sweden) Doesn't Matter: M/Sub/21 seeks F/Dom/All ages ~ Wants to give up control

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Apr 28, 2018
21 year old submissive male seeking a dominant female of any age

Hello! Let me start by introducing myself. I'm a 21 year old male from Sweden. I'm currently doing my bachelor at a university and will start my master in computational sciences this autumn. In my spare time I like to watch netflix/hbo/youtube, hanging out with friends, playing video games or playing the guitar. Since I'm a student I have the privilege to live on my own, however right now I share a kitchen with other people, though this will change during the summer.

What I'm looking for?
Since I'm a student my available time is shifting quite a bit between weeks hence I'm not looking for a super "task heavy" relation. I'd be up for one or two tasks a week but I don't believe I'll have that much more time, though it's up for discussion. What I am looking for is more of a controlling relation exactly what will be discussed more in detail but I'm willing to surrender quite a lot of control to a willing Mistress/Master, to this I'm also looking at someone imposing rules, once again to be discussed. However while this, control/rules, are the largest part it's not all I'm looking for. I've always fantasized about enemas and anal, and although I'm straight as a pine it's still two areas which I'd want to explore in more detail and train. At the end of the day I see this relation being fairly relaxed in how many sessions we have, instead using more messages to be read when we have the time.

Who are you?
First and most important you are 18+ under no circumstance will I talk with anyone under this age. You should like to be in control and impose rules and ideally like anal and enemas or at least be able/willing to train me in this, I'm not requiring you to be experienced in this however I'll value it greatly. It'll also be a huge plus if you have experience with age play/pet play though it's not a requirement. I feel like it would be great if you live in a timezone close to mine cest(bst +1, gmt +2) and you must be able to communicate clearly in english. I'll not expect to see you in pictures nor on cam at the start and not for a while, if ever, and nor should you expect photos of me from the start, just know that I'm not overweight though I do not have a six pack either. For proof I'd prefer written at the start until trust has been built. I don't particulary care about your age, as long as above 18, though preference will be given to people around my age. As for your sex ideally you'd be a female however I'm open to male Masters as well.

What to expect?
Finally what you can expect is a sub who will be loyal if you respect my boundaries about photos as well as respecting my limits. Since we probably won't have a lot of daily contact, if any, I'd understand if you hava another slave/sub however keep in mind that if you don't have that it doesn't mean that you can try to force more playtime with me since this is due to my studies. I'm also open to testing new stuff however I can't guarantee that I'll be able to test everything.

If you're interested or have any questions then you can contact me either through a pm or through kik, username: Submissivekakor

  • Kinks:
As I said above my main kinks are losing control, though not over things like my finances or giving you control over my computer, and being ruled as in having rules to follow. I also want to explore anal and enemas. To this I've dabbled in mild to moderate pain and tested messy stuff. I believe this would all be presented better in a list:

Mild-moderate pain (think spanking, ball slapping)
Loosing control/ rules

Heavy pain (think harsh spankings, wearing clothespins on nipples for a while or dripping wax on my balls)
Corner time
Enemas (I've accidently given myself enemas with too crampy solution and it definitely wasn't pleasant)

Interested in testing:
Pet play
Age play
Anything not listed above

  • Experience:
I don't have that much experience hence why my likes/dislikes/limits are pretty standard, but it wouldn't be my first online relation.

  • Limits:
Messy (gunge, eggs cracked on head etc.)
Exposure, online/offline