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Sep 17, 2016
(Male sub looking for female Domme) I love the power dynamics of orgasm control. I'm normally submissive but when I'm denied an orgasm it goes to a whole new level. I love that by denying me pleasure you can turn me into a squirming mess.

But even more I love that you can gain pleasure from my intense frustration and suffering. I want you to experience intense feelings of power and control as you strip me of my dignity. I want you to feel a natural high as you push me to a point of indescribable frustration.

I'd love to be the object of your controlling ways. Tease and deny me, humiliate and degrade me, use me and discard me. I want us both to feel that unique sense of intimacy that can only exist between the tortured and the torturer.

My kik is maxxyp3
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