TENSION FETISH CLUB, Sat 2 October 2010


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Another great kinktastic night is in store for all of the Tensioneers and Tensionettes as we once again bring our own brand of pervery to SUGAR in Newcastle upon Tyne, with doors opening at 7pm.

Time to shine your latex, lace up your corsets and click those heels- there's no place like Tension- and transport yourself to a world of fetish frolics. Whether you're there to show off your latest outfit, hit the dancefloor or hit the derrière your dearly beloved, we've got it all covered.

We expect our playroom to be busy as usual- but we're adding a couple of twists this month. As well as the normal kit you've been used to hanging from, bending over or strapped into these last few months, we'll be bringing some old favourite furniture out of retirement for one last encore- the brand new toys are upon us after all...

We'll also be announcing the winner of this month's prizes from the My First Tension competition, including a ticket to the Tension Christmas Party and something naughty from Cuff Love.

Tension itself finishes at midnight, but you don't have to stop the party there as your admission to Tension also gets you into Power House.

The dress code is leather, latex, PVC, burlesque, fetTV, cyber, steampunk... all the usual stuff. If you're unsure, ask. The bare minimum is smart black. No denims, trainers, cotton Ts or chavwear. Even if it is your fetish.

Tension is a Private Members Club. Full rules are available on the Tension site. Cost of joining is £5 and you can join on the night with 2 forms of ID.

Check out the TENSION website for details.