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May 12, 2024
A few years ago I lived in an apartment complex. A couple of doors down from me lived an older, and very sophisticated single gentleman. I didn't know him all that well, but I did have quite a few conversations with him poolside. I guess you could say over time I developed an unhealthy fascination for the charming guy. I could sense he also found me attractive, but I think due to my younger age he hesitated to approach me regarding a potential romantic relationship.

Over time I got to know his daily routine - when he left for work, and about what time he would return. At some point I just couldn't take it any longer. I wanted to have him so very bad. So on a daily basis, a few minutes before he would normally return from work, I would close the curtain to my living room all but for a few inches - open just wide enough for someone walking by to be able to clearly see inside. With it dark outside and my interior lights on brightly, the stage was set.

So there I was, almost every evening for three weeks, lying on my living room couch, completely naked, masturbating to one of my favorite porn scenes on the TV. Hoping that as he arrived home from work and walked by he would stop and watch, and hopefully develop a similar fascination for me. Unfortunately with it dark outside, and the curtains only slightly open, there was no way I could ever know if anyone was ever watching. But considering the usual amount of traffic going by that time of the evening, it's difficult to believe someone didn't see me - hopefully HIM! Of course this approach also gave me an excuse if someone complained to management - I could legitimately claim i didn't know the curtains weren't completely closed!

Sadly he (nor anyone else for that matter) ever said a word to me about it, so I'm not sure if he didn't see me or was just too embarrassed to say anything. I eventually changed jobs and moved away. But to this day I still remember the excitement I felt each evening, hoping but not really knowing who might have been watching me lying there on my couch with my fingers inside me.

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