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May 19, 2013
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In another thread in the BDSM forum I outlined this basic predicament scenario, something suitable for self bondage fans.

"A simple one I use is to have my subject squat down then attach nipple clamps with short strings tied to her big toes. She then cuffs her hands behind her back, the key for the cuffs is on a table in a different room. To free herself the subject has to eventually stand pulling off the clamps. Of course the longer she stays squatting, putting this off, the more uncomfortable she becomes. Hence she is in a predicament."

An addition I have used is to add an "ice lock" to the strings between nipple clamps and toes. This way if the sub is able to endure until the "lock" melts she can be freed without resorting to pulling the nipple clamps off.

So what is an "ice lock"?

In its most basic form you take two lengths of string and place the ends of each in an ice tray mold filling it with water then freeze. The two ends are then locked together until the ice block melts.
In practice plain string ends will often pull loose before the cube melts so adding a couple of knots or loops to the ends makes sure they stay locked together much longer.

This basic method can be adapted for many self bondage predicaments and is especially handy for ones involving clips and clamps attaching various body parts to things or each other. It can also be used to keep keys or other release tools out of reach.

Hope this helps with your self bondage games.


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Jan 9, 2021
Thank you for explaining ice locks I often see the term but wasnt sure what was meant or how they worked.

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