The transformation of a Pig


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Dec 25, 2017
Part 1

As the minutes continues to roll along Abby knew she was getting closer to destination. Abby was finally going to meet the man who she was putting her trust in to finally get her life in the right direction. In the 10 years since she had graduated High School, life hasn't went in the direction she had knew it was going too. She had a cute face and prided herself on not caring what people though of her weight (being 5'3" 140lb), but over time that inflated close to 190lb and all markings of the cute face had been swallowed up long ago. It had been over 5 years since her boyfriend had left. The several men she calls friends with benefits have been an attempt to fill the void of human closeness that her lack of self care has left her in. She recalls always promising to do the right thing with her life, but never managed to bring herself to follow through. That is why Abby decided to turn herself over to someone who will demand and enforce the discipline needed in her life to become the person she can be. Breaking a dozen diets in the first few days then lying to everyone who at one point cared for you that you were really trying and the weigh just wont come off.

Abby had come to learn if she was going to change, she must give herself over to be completely broken down. Her current mindset, way of thinking and living has been nothing but a disaster. She is alone, unhealthy and miserable. Abby would always blame others for why things didn't go as planned. Her friends she became a burden too with constant demands for help with little to no gratitude and never reciprocation. Abby had become a self centered narcissist who repelled people like bugs to deet. Having come to realize this she knew she could not fix herself on her own. She knew she would play games with psychologists and that could never work. She needed to scrubbed clean and be completely reprogrammed and retrained in how to think and act.

Browsing through some personal ads one night hoping to fill the void when the title to an ad caught her eye that made both furious and intrigued at the same time. "LOOKING FOR PIGGY'S WHO WANT TO BECOME REAL PEOPLE AGAIN". Flustered she continued past it looking for her usual fling. Burning in the back of her mind was the words "PIGGY" and "REAL PEOPLE". "I may have
gained some weight over the years" she thought "but I'm no less of a person". In a moment she gave in and clicked the link, going over every word carefully she could not turn her head away from what she was seeing.

"If you are reading this you must be a fat piggy. Your arms jiggle and your thighs scrap together when you walk. You may think the lifestyle you live which has aloud you become the disgusting creature you are today is alright but it is not. You do not have the will power or restraint that is necessary to make choices in your life . Your mind is that of a piggy and that is what needs to be changed. You must be broken down and remade anew."

Seeing the words and trying to fight against every instinct of hers screaming this is you, Abby breaks down. Head in hands, it is clear something about this has rang true. After a few minutes Abby composes herself and reply's to the ad in the only way she could bring her self to do.

"Tell me more."

As the arrow hovers of the send button and the click of the mouse rings in her ears a feeling of dread comes over her. "what have I done" she thinks as her finger rises from her mouse "Why would I want to know more about this. Im not a piggy. No, im not a dirty little piggy."


As a new message notification pops up on her phone, Abby snaps out of her thoughts and see that the man from the message has responded. As she re-positions herself on the couch her upper thighs rub together and feels their slippery. Her face turns bright red and she realizes her pussy is wet reading and thinking about what she has just done. A deep sense of confusion and embarrassment sets in as she struggles to understand what is happening. Now there isn't anything else to do but read what he has sent.


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Dec 25, 2017
Part 2

"I have developed a method of training fat piggy's like you into healthy, fit, happy and obedient women. The method is a long process that involves stripping away the old you that has gotten you to this point and creating a new you from scratch. Stripping the old you away will be accomplished by breaking you down mentally and physically. Your dignity will be taken through humiliation and degradation. Your life will be strictly regimented from when and what you may eat, to your sleep schedule and even when you may use the bathroom. You will hand over to me control of every aspect of your life since you have proven to not be able to conduct yourself like a person, only a piggy. You will be punished for any and all infraction no matter the size. Once you have been broken down to a empty vessel ready to be molded, you will be taught a new way to live. How to get joy out of pleasing other. How to have self restraint and how to control your impulses which lead to over eating and chasing away those around you, along with many other issues. This method can only be properly implemented in person although can be started online. This is a long process and can take between 6 months to a year. Answer the questions below to apply for training."

Trembling as she finishes the message Abby can barley put into though let alone words what she is feeling. So much of what she has just read has never entered her mind before yet it feels like its always resided there none the less. This idea of happiness though service doesn't compute with her life or what she's been taught, though there is a feeling in her bones it the true path. Abby would lash out and scream at anyone who would try and slight her so the idea of be humiliated or degraded is not anything to be humor, right? But the ideas of what that might entail race into Abby's mind like water to a drain. She imagines having to wait on someone as they eat or even massage
and kiss their feet(how quaint she was). Never having cared about commitments, being punished for not doing as she says is an idea that is too far away for Abby to really grasp. The idea excites her but it all seems like some far off fantasy.

"Having my entire life regimented and scheduled for me?" she thought it was something that couldn't happen. "The questions!!"

Having briefly slipped into thought about what was laid out for her, Abby realized she hadn't read the questions.

Basic information:
1. Name - Abby
2. Height - 5'3"
3. Weight - 190lb
4. Location - Pittsburgh
5. Employment - Manager of grocery store
6. Living Situation - studio apartment

7. Current exercise routine -

"hmmmmm" Abby thought "How long has it been since I've went for a walk"

In that moment it became apparent she could not remember the last time she did any kind of physical activity. Again she found herself head
in hands sobbing at what she has become.

7. Current exercise routine - none
8. Daily Diet -

Abby continues to answer questions about her health and food, the whole time making her focus on and put into writing what a slob she had become.
Twinkies, skittles, cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream,... it went on and on. The the questions turned to her personal life.

20. When did your last serious relationship end? - 5 years ago
21. Why did it end? - he left me
22. How long had you been together? - 5 years
23. How many people had you slept with before? - 5
24. How many have you since? - 35

"Thirty-five men since Tom left me." Abby whispered aloud

That was the last question.