Tips for dirty talk?


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Dec 6, 2021
Me and my boyfriend (M/M 24/21) have found out petplay is our thing. He gets really turned on when I call him a good boy and talk to him like a dog. Any other things I can say to him to make him feel like a dog. So far all I call him is a good boy/dog. Hard to think of anything else :censored:


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Nov 2, 2021
Not had a lot of expereince, but we have started with Pony play. Suggest thinking about how you would interact with a dog.

- Training them to 'come here', sit, roll over etc.
- playing fetch, drop, beg, sit up - good with collars and leashes
- rewards for good behavior, punishment for misbehavior which can be deliberate !
- feeding, cleaning (bathing, towel drier, toe nails)
- having a 'bed' somewhere in the house where they have to go when told.
- some pet plays include Vet visits, breeding scenes, and show pets


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Jan 13, 2022
I found I was a puppy some time ago and find the advice of thinking how you talk to a dog is a generally good advice when you are treating your partner as a pet. However I find much of whats said gets lost on me when I become a pet.

So for me any dirty talk tends to happen in the lead up to being a pet when still thinking as a person. I find the following works.

Calling them a good boy/dog

Using puppy commands when not being a pet.
For instance
Pet, come! = can you come here a minute
Pet, my drink, fetch/go get it boy = Instead of can you pass me that
Pet, walkies = Instead of lets go out

Think of dirty talking for other activities, hint at what you will do, and usually the tone of voice is enough.
Good boys get a collar
Keep that up and you'll spent the night on all fours
(If they seem to be acting a bit dog like) Ah, does someone need a tail?
I'm think I need to keep you on a leash.

On top of just talking you have things you can do, simple restrictions.
Dogs aren't allowed on the sofa (but let them sit by your legs, even better if they put their head in you lap to stroke, tell them how nice their fur is).
Dog noises only.
Have a dog toy for them that you keep and only give them when they are feeling/acting very dog like. Doing this can help as giving it to them can encourage the behaviour.

Just remember that feeling like a dog can only come from them, the things you do help them feel comfortable feeling that way and exploring the role.
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