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Jul 27, 2021
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Aka = my less than stellar intro into anal pumping.

It began with a divorcee i met on okcupid who messaged me at some point inquiring what i knew about anal and if i were game for exploring anal play with her.

Well i had used dildos and plugs and had been fem pegged all of which was more than she as an anal play virgin was able to know, so i played it cool to see where it would go.

We then had a few dinners and discussed "things". That included various forms of anal play and she has stumbled onto some porn involving anal pumping and it turned her on.

I revealed i had a penis pump that was too small for my member as it was a super cheap ebay buy around $5, but the cylinder diameter of 1.5 inches would be perfect for anal pumping.

She was sold. We finished the meal and we headed off to my place.

I of course went first as a gentleman. I was on my knees bent over a chair with legs spread. She lubed the inside of the cylinder and then finger lubed my butt hole.

All was going well.

She applied the cylinder pressing it firmly into my ass crack with one hand and began pumping with the other.

Although the cylinder was a bit snall, it had a hand finger pull pump and so things began happening pretty fast and she was so caught up in this she got carried away and pumped my anus something like 5 inches into the cylinder and i at that point exclaimed = OUCH.

She stopped immediately but then went into panic mode which was not were she needed to be.

I ventured = "Well?"

And her response was = "Oh my".

I knew then i was in trouble.

So i asked her to please remove the cylinder which was a really stupid mistake because she grabbed it and started tugging and jerking it.

"Please stop now. Your really hurting my as you stupid twit." - was my sudden outburst.

She began to cry and more time was passing with my asshole sucked into a freakin plastic tube.

I regrouped and said to her = "You watched all these videos on this, why dont you know how to release the vaccum?"

She had no answer so i was forced to think. I instructed her to find a button on the line and depress that and hold it for a few seconds then begin to slide the cylinder off.

She found the button = yay. She pressed and held the button = yay.

She then began pulling the cylinder = wth!!!!

My anus was so far up yhe cylinder the vaccum release only had nominal effect.

So trying not to go insane i suggested she vaccuum release while working the cylinder off in baby steps. Omg it moved. Barely.

A few more times and i was 1 inch better off. Then it was over and i was free but rolled onto the floor and grimaced for awhile.

She meantime sat silently while starring at me in that condition.

After a long period of silence i began pulling on my underwear and pants and then sat on the chair and addressed her.

I did so with a calm practical lecture on my freaking playing around with stuff and please take notes on the whole thing before going all in.

With that i was done and moved on. I never heard from her again which was a mixed bag because she was adventerous, however, AND THIS IS THE POINT TO THIS STORY =


Kink play is very complicated, advanced, and sophisticated which is why a literally cringe at every posting of some 18-24 year old tart professing to be a femdom or domiatrix. Oh hell no they are not. They are timebombs lurking around posing certain disaster to an unwary victim.

In the UK, fem doms are = ALWAYS OVER 40. DOMINATRIXES OVER 50.

There are scores of reasons for this.

Now my pump gal was mid 40s but totally non experienced, sex play ignorant, and practically niave. Those served to be bad enough.

A footnote= i havnt given up on pump play and have found that specific penis pump to be a favorite albeit foregoing 5inch pump events.

I find 2-3.5 inches to be plenty and always have pump and tube in hand for vaccum release as desired - yay.

Dont allow this macabre tale prevent your own adventures. Just think them through. Learn the device/s and sex play applications by study. And of course = always have an exit strategy because people might go blank, freak, or have a panic event in which case you could be stranded with 5 inches if your asshole sucked into a penis pump.

Just saying.

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