Turning a Submissive into a Bitch as Punishment - part 3


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Sep 20, 2020
“Now I know I live 30 minutes away from you, but Im coming over. Obviously you need me there in person to teach you how to be a proper bitch! While you are waiting for me to arrive you are to get on your dining room table and alternate between being on all fours and heisting every 3 minutes. Understand bitch?

“Yes daddy. Just one thing.”

“And WHAT would that be?”

“I have to pee daddy”

“Really? Now? Ok fine go and get a bowl and show daddy what a good bitch you are trying to become.”


“Don’t but me or you will be heisting and peeing on the floor and then cleaning it up with your tongue.”

That got my ass into gear I soon had a bowl set up on the floor in front of my laptop so daddy could see it. “May I pee daddy?’

“Yes get onto all fours, heist and pee into the bowl.”

I couldn’t believe I was really doing this there I was peeing into a bowl like a dog! After I was done peeing I was meted with a “Good bitch” from daddy. “Now go and position yourself on the table. I need to stop at the store and pick up some special things for your punishment, so expect me to be at your place in about 45 minutes. And do not forget to switch between being on all fours and heisting.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good. And one more thing if you pee while waiting for me, there will be further punishment AND you will be cleaning up your mess by licking it up.”

And with that my computer screen went black and daddy was gone on his way to punish me. Now daddy and I have only seen each other face to face in person once and that was for a week of pleasure. The fact that he was coming down specifically for punishment scared me.

There I was on my dining room table on all fours wondering what items daddy would be picking up for this horrid humiliating punishment. I switched into a heisting position. I thought to myself “Why did I have to hump my pillow when I know I didn’t have permission?” I switched to being on all fours and thought to myself, “daddy won’t know if I just stay on all fours the while time I’m waiting for him.” Twenty minutes in and all of a sudden I have to pee again. I try and try to hold it knowing what was coming to me if I peed. Yet, I couldn’t hold it., I peed all over my dining room table. At that exact moment, daddy happened to hop back onto Skype and sees me peeing.

“First of all you all your peeing when I said DO NOT pee. And second you’re not even heisting! I’m about 15 minutes away and then you are really in for it!”

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