(UK) Bristol: M/Dom/20 seeks F/Slave/All ages ~ New master for Slave

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Dec 20, 2017
20 year old dominant male seeking a slave female of any age

hey there, hope your doing well.

I'm relatively new to BDSM. While I've had one or two online play partners to explore with I have found myself wanting something long term and more serious/intense. So that is what I'm hoping to find here.

About me: As stated I'm 21 and a full time student. This means I'm usually only busy for a couple of hours each day and some days i have off entirely. This means that if the assignment gods have been kind (meaning I'm not buried in work) I can spend all my free time talking with my precious slave.

My kinky intrestes only a few so far but I'm sure we can make that grow over our time together: Humiliation Degradation Pain play (anywhere between light to heavy depending on you) Rules TPE (i can explain if you don't know what this is)

One of my biggest kinks/wants is a slave that's looking/willing to give up control of most/if not all of her life. So having to ask for permission to eat, drink, use the rest room, clothing etc. Having this level of control really excites me. However, I'm aware this isnt for everyone so we can talk about this part of the dynamic in further detail.

About You: Ideally fit/healthy (both physically and mentally). Physical fitness isnt so much of an issue, but be aware that a level of attraction is needed. Emotional fitness is something that I wont bend on. Someone that's willing to commit to something long term. Not someone that does it for a day or two to get their rocks of and then leaves. I want someone that is willing to put as much time and effort into this as I am. Someone not opposed to transitioning to real life if it works really way and would be possible. As for age i ask that you be 18+ and close to my age. Having said this I am not opposed to someone younger than me (provided your 18+) or some one older.

Uh i guess that's it. Please do not be afraid to pm me and ask any questions that you may have. I really hope to meet the right person and start something special for both of us. If you do Pm please include "hello Master" as the subject so i know you've read it all. Thank you and have a good day

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humiliation, degredation, pain, rules, TPE

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