(UK) Leeds: M/Dom/24 seeks F/Slave/Under 40 ~

U.K. & Ireland


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Dec 28, 2010
24 year old dominant male seeking a slave female under 40

32 male master looking for committed female slave to own via kik. Age is not important and as long as the time difference isn’t too much I don’t mind where you are from. You must be able to speak good English as communication is key to a slave master relationship. This will be a purely online relationship and I’m not looking to meet in real life unless something dramatically changes.

I am seeking a slave to own via kik so you must have access to this. My likes are humiliation, control, bondage, light public and lots more. You must be okay with pictures although I won’t ask for face pictures until you are fully comfortable. I can be a harsh master or a caring one depending on what that particular slave is looking for, as this is a two way street before jumping straight into ownership I will talk to my potential slave making sure I know what she’s looking for and making sure she knows the same. After this initial conversation I will be in charge.

Message me with some information about yourself on here and we can talk further before making you mine

  • Kinks:
Humiliation, control, bondage, public

  • Experience:
Few years being an online dom

  • Limits:
Blood, illegal and perminant