(UK) Loughborough: M/Slave/31 seeks F/Dom/All ages in area ~ I love experimenting

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Not so kinky
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Nov 4, 2008
31 year old slave male seeking a dominant female of any age

Hi everyone.

In a nutshell, I'm looking for a mutual good time; those on one kinky spectrum who would desire using me fulfilling their own kinky desires by letting me fulfill my kinky desires for them.

I'm a big fan of exhibitionism and nudity, along with parties and events of the like. I have an extensive (well seemingly, and always growing) bucket list of kinky things I want to achieve as well as a desire to make new and many kinky friends.

As a slave/servant, I can and frequently enjoy role-play. I can fulfill a multitude of roles; be as submissive, disruptive or as random as you please.

I'm not the prettiest (although that's my opinion) but I guess that could be an advantage; I love to dance (badly), I'm more-or-less down for anything even if I may be apprehensive of new things (or is that part of the role-play?)

I do have a car so I can travel; I don't have THAT much money, so I would like to keep it local (30 mi not too bad? others at discretion). I am an AV nut and enjoy being filmed (plus can provide some equipment if needed)

If I've missed anything off let me know, if you're interested then feel free to send me a PM or something; then we can see how deep this rabbit hole goes ;)

Thank you for your time.

  • Kinks:
I am still exploring myself, but the list of things I enjoy and would like to try are many. I mostly enjoy nudity and exhibitionism, humiliation, CFNM, chains, streaking (wherever safe to do so), am getting into the latex scene, chastity (sometimes), orgasm denial and milking.

  • Experience:
I have been appearing and "performing" naked outside for many (happy) years, but am always wary about doing anything in front of other people, despite wanting to. I have role-played as a dog both for personal pleasure and at specifically designed events for such. I enjoy being caged, milked and humiliated.

  • Limits:
As can be understood, I love to try new things in new and exciting or even odd places, yet I don't want to end up being arrested or getting a record.

I don't mind being filmed or recorded as long as it's not shared to liberally ... oh and I get a copy :). I don't particularly want anything to do with things that could permanently permanently harm, damage or disfigure, so that would be a no-no

The rest is obvious. Nothing "explicit" with animals, nothing at all with children.