Ultimate Degrading Questionnaire for Women


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Jan 1, 2021
Age? 34

Which gender do you primarily serve (mistresses or masters)? Gender is a construct ;)
Body Type? Average (not overweight, not skin and bones)

Bra size? 34C

Are they perky or saggy? Perky

Are your nipples large or small? Small

Are they pronounced all the time or only when aroused? All the time

Is your cunt shaven, trimmed, or natural? Trimmed

Are your inner labia tight and hidden or visible and saggy? Visible, saggy

Is your clit large or small? Small

Do you get wet easily? No :(

What's the largest phallic object you've ever fit in there? A fist

Is your asshole hairy? No

Does it gape? It can a little bit, but not much

What's the largest phallic object you've ever fit in your ass? A zucchini

What's your favorite derogatory name to be called? Filthy fucking slut

Describe your favorite underwear. Boy cut, black, with go-go style lace pattern

Are any of your panties stained? Yes

Describe your most humiliating fantasy. Getting tied to a tree, ass facing out, naked and fully spread, in the middle of a field, having someone tell people where to find me. Getting my asshole made fun of for being so disgusting. Getting it fingered anyway and having those fingers rubbed under my nose and in my mouth. Being forced to swallow piss lest I be left for the dogs

What kinks are you ashamed of having? Any/all of the toilet fetishes, humiliation

Have you ever had an accident (pissed yourself) in your adult life? No

Does your vanilla self greatly differ from your kinky self? I say “goodness gracious” on a daily basis. So yes, lol

Do you have any nude or embarrassing photos? Link them.

Not linked anywhere, but they have existed

Do you enjoy it when people make fun of your physical features (fat ass, hairy cunt, saggy tits, etc.)
Only my asshole
Would you enjoy serving crowds/gangbangs?
What's the most publicly humiliating thing you've ever done?
I went grocery shopping and to a notoriously rough gas station with no bra/underwear, while wearin a somewhat sheer shirt, and a very short/flowy skirt. I got hollered at continuously at the gas station. I think some people noticed me bending over at the grocery store but no one said anything there
Would you agree that you're simply an object consisting of three holes to be used by others? No

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