very first time in the womans car boot


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Jan 10, 2024
it was back in 2006 to 2007 when i was young 13-14 years old my very first experience in the females car boot and locked in her car boot.
one cold autumn night i was hanging on the window i was waiting to see her to come out with her year old baby, she was super gorgeous woman, long brown hair and slim.
she was in early 30thies. When i saw her about to walk with her year old baby i quickly got dressed and ran down stairs from second floor apartment, i had a plan to ask her from face to face but i was little scared what she might say. she was about to get her baby carriage from corridor and i followed her inside a corridor and just said hi and told her about it how i wish to be in her car boot from sometime, to that she asked me what i mean by that and explained to her how i would like to be in her car boot to find out how it feels like being locked in her car boot, she asked me if its for school assignment i nodded and said yes she laughed and agreed to lock me in her car boot.
She took her baby carriage with her and said she doesnt have that plastic cover right now that suppose to cover me when she closes boot lid, she told me that she has to put her baby carriage on me so that people wont see me in her car boot, so i agreed. She unlocked her car and opened the boot lid and let me climb in her car boot, as i climbed in her car boot, she folded her baby carriage and set it on me, before closing the boot she asked me if baby isnt too heavy i said no, with that she closed the boot, but she thought that i want stay in the boot for minute , she didnt close the boot all the way, as she was standing there by the boot lid i said that she can close it and lock the car, she replied that car has alarm if i close the boot lid and lock it car is under alarm and that she will leave me in the boot for 30 minutes mean while she goes to the store and will be back in 30 minutes, with that she closed boot lid and locked a car. From inside a boot i could hear car locking and peeping twice. she left me locked in her car boot and walked with her baby in the store. After 30 minutes had passed locked in her car boot under baby carriage, i could hear car unlocking, she opened the boot lid and asked me how was it, i smiled and said it was very cool, as she lifted her baby from me she said that i almost forgot that you were in my car boot, and that i was about to leave you in the car boot for the night. i smiled and said it would have been awesome, she laughed and told me to climb out the boot. i got out of the boot and asked her if could be in her car boot again, she smiled and said that she has to think about it. she said good bye as she closed the boot and i got back home and got really turned on by that experience.

feel free to leave comments what you think of it :)
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