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May 29, 2020
Hey all, I have a question about my particular pee fetish, I only like it with a few conditions
1. If it's a female, even though I'm pansexual
2. Only if it's watching them pee, not like drinking it or getting them to pee on me its just to watch women pee, I cannot find any forums or anything that is this specific though so idk if I'm just weird or somthing


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Dec 6, 2015
Watersports is just a kink that involves urination play in some shape or form. This can range from the very simple watching or being watched while peeing, to the more extreme consumption, piss enemas, golden showers, etc.
What you find most arousing about it may be more the act of seeing someone in a time of privacy that most others dont get to see. So it may be feeding your voyeurism kink just as well as your watersports kink.

Think of it like impact play, there are so many ranges of implements, locations, level of extremes, that it really is a broad term for a kink with so many options. In the end you like what you like and that is all that matters. If youre looking for pee related content maybe add voyeur to it as well and you should find more what youre looking for.
Like hidden cam stuff. (even if its staged)

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