Homemade Wearable speculum


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
Here is another nifty little DIY project for the kinky gals that enjoy playing with their vaginas!

Its a really simple one consisting of a length of plastic tube with a string attached, haven't got any plastic tube around then just look for a suitable plastic bottle and re-purpose that.

Start by cutting your tube (or bottle) to a suitable length and drill a couple of holes in it.
toy 1.jpg toy 2.jpg

Next use some sandpaper to round of the rough edges at both ends and the holes you drilled.
toy 3.jpg

Finally attach a length of good nylon cord, tie loops at each end the right length so when hooked onto a belt it sits nice and snug in your crotch.
toy 4.jpg

Can be worn under dresses or skirts for outings or under a robe or naked around the house. As a fun game try getting "upskirt" style selfies while wearing in it in various situations.
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