What should I wear under my work clothes?


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Feb 22, 2018
I work weekdays in a fairly normal business-casual office setting. I'm looking for requirements for what to wear for the day under my regular work attire--for the next week or longer, depending on responses.

I'll try my best to do any and all that are proposed and can most likely provide a photo or report or both if it's wanted.

Comment or pm with your idea/demand/suggestion!


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Apr 16, 2018
Monday: the most brightly colored panties you have
Tuesday: black panties
Wednesday: this is hump day, wear the sexiest panties you have, something lacey
Thursday: something that will make you uncomfortable all day. Butt plug, chastity cage, pair of panties that's too small, something like that. Yes, you have to wear it until you get home
Friday: don't fridays just drag on? Make it exciting by wearing your favorite thing.