What's in a name


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
So recently I came across someone who objected to her breasts being referred to as boobs. Now I thought that was a pretty innocuous term these days but it seems not to her.
I've been going over some of the common names for breasts and wanted to see if anyone else has any thoughts on them.

I guess boobs and tits are the most common but I also see jugs, puppies and titties used quite a lot. Titties is an odd one, for me that seems to be a diminutive term and should only be used to describe really small breasts, what do you think?

And then there are some of the more obscure ones, a lot of Aussies will likely know norks, generally reserved for bigger boobs (darn there I go, can't stop saying it). Hooters, melons and knockers, the list goes on and on.
So what do you like or hate your boobs to be called? What other names can you think of?



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Jan 28, 2017
I often call mine tits, or udders. I had someone call them balloons which I quite like, saggers is another one I like. I'm Australian and ive never use the word norks, though I have heard of it. I dont really have any names that I dont like them being called. I'm not easily offended.