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May 19, 2013
Outback, southwest WA
It's been awhile since we've had some new writing so I thought I'd provide some inspiration.
Here's an interesting vignette provided by these old 80's era photos I found the other day. What's going on here, and what happens after they are lead away?

Well that's where you come in, pick up the clues and run with it, lets see just how creative you can be.


Have fun!


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Apr 15, 2011
It was like a lottery, but when they drew your number, you weren't exactly a winner...

I still remember the first time. I received a telegram on the day of the draw and a couple of days later a letter came through the post, instructions to report to The House and to have my breasts bound before I set off. They included the twine and detailed instructions for how they wanted it done.

It said to tell no-one that I'd been summoned.

I'd never tied my tits before. I hid the letter and the twine as best as I could, terrified that my husband would find them before the day came. Hidden from sight but the whole time they were burning in my conscience, as if they were sucking everything in the house towards them, but really that was just me. I was young and hadn't been married long.

When the day came, it was so hard to act normal, packing my husband his lunch and kissing him as he set off to work. Trying to ignore the knot of fear in my stomach, and the even hotter burning further down.

I gave it a half hour to make sure my husband didn't unexpectedly pop back... and then I snatched the letter and the twine from their hiding place, locked myself into the bathroom, even with the house empty, and set to work, shaking as I tried my best to follow the instructions. It took me a few attempts but finally I managed to get it right.

The twine felt like it was cutting into my boobs as they bulged and they burned hot as I got dressed. The instructions called for a bra that made me feel the bondage even more intensely, and a light dress, and specified that I was not to wear panties.

My breasts felt like they were getting hotter and hotter inside my bra as I called to order a taxi as instructed. That burning continued to intensify as I climbed into the taxi and pulled the hem of my dress from underneath me so that my naked buttocks sat directly on the seat as the letter had instructed so I had another fire burning between my legs, but also in my cheeks as I flushed red.

I tried to distract myself watching the world going by as the driver took me to the destination. I was sure if he happened to look back at me or glance at me in the mirror he'd somehow be able to tell and I felt an almost paralyzing mixture of nervousness and arousal as we drove in a silence that I kept thinking I ought to break to keep him from noticing, but I never dared to utter a word.

I was young then, only just married and eager to please. My husband was older than me, better travelled and more experienced. He seemed so exciting and sophisticated and I felt like such a small town girl next to him and his "big city" friends. He took me to clubs that seemed so cutting edge; looking back now, they were awful, wood panelled fleapits but the way his friends would secretively be summoned away to private rooms... It all seemed so amazing and important... And one day, I noticed him handing over an envelope to another man. I asked him about it and he told me not to worry, just that one day maybe one of us would be called away to travel...

I arrived first. The taxi drove off immediately after I'd paid him and I stood before the house alone and nervous. Terrified, really. I didn't understand why the insistence on tying up my breasts, or why I couldn't have panties. I was tempted to walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell to get it over with, equally tempted to turn around and run away, but the letter had ordered me to wait for the other girl. 1273 they called her, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

She arrived almost forty minutes later and I was worried she'd make the both of us late. She didn't seem quite as nervous as I was, and she looked like she was slightly older. She was carrying an envelope; white, but the shade and the size seemed to be identical to the one I'd caught my husband handing over in that club all those weeks or months ago... We didn't exchange pleasantries, instead she looked me up and down intently and then said "yes, I think you'll do nicely." I wanted to ask nicely for what, but she cut me off, holding an arm out towards the house, beckoning me to go first.

Despite the summer heat, I had a chill down my spine as we approached the front steps and my hand shook as I reached towards the doorbell button, making myself dizzy wondering what the hell I was getting into here??

I expected a regular doorbell chime, but that's not what happened. It buzzed electronically and then the door unlocked, seemingly automatically. We glanced at each other, like, were we really going to go ahead with this? And then, somehow already knowing we were already bound to our fate, I pushed open the door and we stepped inside into a corridor strewn with building supplies. There were two locked doors that looked like separate apartments and a staircase leading up. We stood in there uncertainly for a few seconds wondering what to do next before the closest door opened and a tall brunette sporting a perm that was in fashion back then instructed us to come in.

I went first, the other girl following meekly behind. The wallpaper and wood panel trim seemed contemporary enough, modern furnishing of those days, but the framed picture on the wall struck us both as we made our way inside. A close up photograph of a woman's backside clad in fishnets and what looked like a leather bodysuit clutching a riding crop. It made me gasp and the other girl blushed as bright red as I felt I must have been.

The brunette host held an arm out to the woman who's name I would learn was 1273; she handed over the envelope in response. Then the brunette lined us up against the wall under that picture and ordered us both to strip. I paused briefly, thinking she might shut the door. She did not and I got a shove from the other woman.

I couldn't believe I was really going through with it, but at the same time I felt powerless to resist and so I stripped off my dress and stood burning bright red with humiliation and shame. "Hands behind your head," the brunette ordered, and we both adopted the pose obediently.

Until now, the breast bondage had been like a shameful little secret; now my tits bulged in my bra, the twine clearly visible around my curves... And for the first time I saw the other girl had her tits tied up too...
"Eyes forward," the brunette ordered me; she didn't snap but she had a firm way of talking that commanded obedience. For a long time she kept us there ass she inspected our rope work closely, still with that damn door wide open... I dreaded the sound of one of the other doors opening...
"Very good. Bras off," the brunette ordered, finally... My heart hammered as again the two of us obeyed, and I copied 1273 as she returned to the pose with her hands behind her head.
"Very good," the brunette told us again, inspecting us even closer now that the two of us were totally naked. "Yes I think you'll do nicely," she said to me before instructing both of us to turn around.

I think she tied me up first because I was inexperienced... Tight blue ropes that she first used to cinch my elbows together and I experienced a tight pulling in my shoulders and arms for what would be the first time of many... It's okay, I was young then and naturally flexible. Once she had my elbows tied, she secured my wrists together too, binding my arms and hands helplessly behind my back, and then she pressed my body against the wall, squashing my burning tits against it, and told me to wait there while she tied up the other girl.

Once we were both bound, both pressed against the wall, we heard the brunette's heels clicking on the linoleum as she left us briefly to go into the apartment's kitchen, and when she came back I felt her reaching around my waist. "Turn around," she said.
I did and she fastened a thick tan leather belt around my waist, so tightly it bit into my skin and cinched my waist, making me moan involuntarily with discomfort. She paid no mind and ordered me to stand up straight, and then she buckled a matching leather collar around my neck. Now I really felt obscene... I didn't dare turn my head to watch, I just listened as she belted and collared the other girl in the same fashion. That done, she clipped a chain, like a leash, to O-rings at the front of each of our collars.

She ordered us to face the wall again when she was done and checked the ropes around our wrists were still tight so that we wouldn't be able to escape them. Satisfied, she took hold of our chain leashes and tugged on them, making us follow her as she finally led us away from that door and further into the apartment.


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Apr 15, 2011
A man sat waiting for us on an armchair in the living room, watching what I would learn was an old Bettie Page bondage video on an old CRT television that was beginning to fail with the volume turned low. He turned his eyes to us and I saw the other girl looking away... But I recognised the man!

The brunette cleared up immediately where from; "Your husband's manager and his wife who we call 1273. You know your husband is working hard for a promotion?"
The confusion on my face must have been evident. The brunette continued "you do well here, you can really help his chances, but he's up against some good candidates that also deserve the vacancy."

The man stood up now and walked up to me. "Thank you Tracy," he said, and the brunette bowed slightly and left the apartment, finally closing the door behind her. He looked briefly at his wife and said "corner". Obediently she walked to a corner of the room and knelt down so that she'd be facing us, but she kept her head bowed, gaze on the floor.

Meanwhile, he looked me up and down, standing right next to me, barely inches away so that I could feel his breath on my skin. Lightly he traced a finger over the upper curve of my left breast, ignoring how it made me flinch. "My my," he muttered. "Yes, Mr Kubo does indeed have himself a fine young wife."

He walked around me, staring my naked body up and down as I stood trembling, fearing the feel of his hands elsewhere... Why couldn't I remember his name???

Finally he finished checking me out and stood before me. "Very, very pretty," he said, then turned to his wife and added cruelly "just like you used to be."

That made me feel awful, but he leaned in and whispered in my ear "don't worry. She likes it." Now he stepped back and made a gesture with his arm for her to stand up and walk to me. "Now why don't you girls get to know each other," he said, and returned to his armchair as 1273 leaned in and pushed her tongue into my mouth, pressed her body against mine!

I was shocked but I didn't know what else to do... So I let her french kiss me, and after a while, I started to kiss back. She liked that, moaned and started to writhe herself against me.

I'm sure I was so red by this point I would have resembled a tomato, but the feel of her tongue, her body, her bulging tied breasts against my own... My body started to respond. The arousal I'd felt earlier started to come back, finally started to overtake the nervous fear of this crazy situation. The kissing went on, and on, and as it did I got deeper into it, feeling a warm wetness starting to develop between my legs, feeling my nipples stiffen with arousal even though the twine made it hurt a little... I began to struggle against my ropes, wishing we could touch each other, embrace... Wishing I could feel her hands in the growing warmth between my legs...

I almost forgot about my husband's manager, felt like I was being shaken slightly from a reverie when he asked "what have you done so far with your husband? Have you done anal?"

It was hard to answer, with both the shame that came with admitting that I had let him back there a few times and with 1273 continuing to kiss me as I tried to respond. But I somehow managed to admit "y-yes..."

"Has he whipped you?"
It seemed like 1273's kissing and grinding against me became even more intense.
"He... Mmm... He used... Used a belt on... On my ass," I managed to describe between kisses. "And a... A cat... On my breasts!"
"Excellent," he said. Then to his wife "Do you like her?"
She stopped kissing me and stood up straight, looking me in the eye now with a strange sort of predatory ferocity. "Yes," she said firmly.
"I think I want to feel her lips on my cock," he said. That look on her face was joined now by a smile... Not a nice smile, but not nasty either...

He went back to the armchair and sat down, and I saw he'd already unzipped his pants. He had a hard cock, longer but not as thick as my husband's.
"Come and kneel in front of me," he said, but as kindly as an old grandpa asking a child to sit on his knee... "Spread your legs as far apart as you can so 1273 can get under you."

I didn't understand, but I awkwardly complied, struggling slightly to get down and keep balance with my arms still bound. I leaned over him and he put one of his hands on the back of my head to firmly but not roughly push my mouth down onto his erection. "She's got it much harder than you've been able to," he told his wife as he pushed me down his shaft. I felt her between my feet as she shuffled into position, not easy with her hands still cinched behind her, and then a moment later I felt her tongue on my intimate parts, making me thrash and squeak.
"Stop that," he said, taking my nipple in a firm pinch. Below me, 1273 continued licking and I tried to get myself used to it as quick as I could... Oh my God, but it didn't take long...

Finally he released my nipple so that he could concentrate on controlling my rhythm... I was used to sucking my husband's dick, as I said, I'd been eager to please, so I knew to use my tongue and plenty of saliva, shut my eyes and tried to pretend it was him I was pleasuring... But 1273 was pleasuring ME!

"This is very important," he said. "No matter how good my wife is at eating your cunt, you do not orgasm before I do."

The problem was... 1273 was very, very good at eating my cunt. And I was so, so inexperienced... I tried hard, I really did... Stopped thinking of my husband and remembered this old man abusing the power of his office, abusing me... But oh my God I liked it... And Iiked 1273's tongue.

He was getting stiffer in my mouth... I knew it wouldn't be long... Tried to get myself even deeper on his length, gagging slightly as I was unused to it going quite so deep... In my mind, one word burned, shameful but incredibly erotic... And as I let it form, I couldn't help but letting 1273's tongue work me up... He was about to squirt his load, I could feel it, but the word took full form in my mind:


Oh shit, I came, hard - only a split second before he started filling my throat and mouth with thick, disgusting cum, but a split second was enough. I'd disobeyed. I'd failed. 1273 wriggled out from underneath me as I gagged and coughed and tried to deal with all the cum flooding my mouth, nose and throat and was still pumping from his cock. Somehow I managed to take it all, swallow and snort it down but there was no triumph as he finally pushed me up off of him to take some ragged breaths.

I thought he'd be angry; thought he'd threaten my husband's job or tell me his promotion prospects were over; for a second I wanted to sob.

"Very well done 1273," he praised his wife, and then leaned down to look at me. "She's good, isn't she? Don't worry; a little bit of training and you soon will be too. But, first, you'll need to be punished of course."

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