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Is there any girl that likes small dick and wanna watch me ride my strapon till I cum live on cam? Skype:live:.cid.f5a41d21ebab0057


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I am 26 m seeking a mistress who will give me the honor of serving under her feet and willing to train me to be a perfect fucktoy for her...I understand i am only a tool for the use and amusement of my owner
Any potential Owners want a tranny breeding pup as a live-in pet? - a body you can re-shape into a perfect feminine doggy pet? xxx
Do you need a dom I am a master so Do you want to be my slave if you agree tel my your limits en we kan have
fun together okay en I am a dominant master so give my your limits en do wha I say okay 😁😉
UK tranny breeding puppy hoping to find a true Owner who can help me transform my body to become His/Her perfect puppy plaything. Willing to relocate for long-term relationship.
Please note: If you have something you want to discuss with me please send me a dm (conversation) and don't use chat. I get so many chat requests that I can never follow them all and so many go unnoticed and unreplied to.