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Old 01-30-2017, 03:38 PM
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Default Crossdressing in Public

I decided to go for a cycle ride one morning and I packed a bag with my favourite outfits as I had something in mind.

For a while i've been using a telephone domination/humiliation service but only from the comfort of my own home. Today i decided i would take it to the next level and call up a girl while i was out on my bike.

I got to a canal path that i thought would be fairly quite during the day but will still a chance of being seen. There are a few old bridges that go over the canal but don't actually go anywhere. Plenty of places to stop and play.

I stopped by a little bridge that just went into a field so went up the little hill and away from sight while i called up my favourite sex line. I got through to a girl called Emma that I'd spoken to on a few occasions, she was very surprised to learn i was outdoors.

I told her i had some clothing in the bag and that i would do as she told me. the first thing she wanted was for me to naked while we spoke for a while. I did as I was told and removed all my clothes.

The thrill of possibly being caught naked outside was immense. I was so horny it was unreal. Just being naked and chatting to a dominatrix over the phone was enough to make my tiny little cock stand to attention.

Emma asked what clothes i had in the bag and i explained i had stockings, little black panties, a black short dress and a body stocking.

Emma told me to put the stockings, panties and dress on. She didnt think i should be wandering round in just a fish net body stocking.

I did as i was told and got dressed up. She then said i had to cycle for as long as i dare along the path and call her again when i had found another safe place.

I was as nervous as hell but as horny as fuck and i shoved all my normal clothes in my bag, grabbed my bike and cycled down the small hill back to the path. There was a guy coming towards me but a fair distance away and i have to say I bottled it and scooted back up the little hill and behind a bush until he had gone past. I've no idea how much of what i was wearing that he saw.

I then decided to just go for it.

i cycled along that path and passed a couple walking a dog, a guy fishing and two boats coming towards me being steered by guys.

In my head i had visions of people stopping me and asking me what i was doing, why i was dressed like a slut but the reality is pretty boring. They looked at me but didnt say a word.

i went for about 10 minutes or so before finding somewhere to stop. I couldnt get through to Emma on the phone line again so was quite disappointed.

My little cock was still very hard and i stood and masturbated. It didnt take long before my cum was dribbling out. I dont come a lot or shoot cum, it just dribbles out the end.

I got myself dressed and headed home quite thrilled by what I had done but a little disappointed that nothing more had happened.

I've done a few things like this now and will post more up soon. Any thoughts or ideas for things to do please feel free to comment/suggest or pm me.
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Old 01-30-2017, 05:55 PM
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Sounds like you had a blast!! I love to cross-dress my wife took me to a baseball game other places... The feeling was so intense to now how sexy I felt..2 guy hit on me in front of my wife she played along.. Haven't done it in a while, bit if I get the chance again I will take full advantage of of it.. I did the whole thing nails,clothes,shave makeup, Ext.... Walking in heels was so fun and exciting!!
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Old 01-31-2017, 07:15 AM
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Default sweater tv

Love wearing women's sweaters, sometimes in public like shopping. Very exciting
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