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Old 07-07-2018, 12:41 PM
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Default Scat and messy, curious for some humiliation.

I was thinking I would push one of my limits: scat. Actually I tried years ago and was so and so about it.

I need dares starting from an easy level then I will reply how they went and level up. Be pushy with me.

My limit stands about taking photos but if I can take a good one I would share in private for a humiliation if you are into it. Although only girls look cool in this fetish, men really not.

My toys are mounted dildo, inflatable anal plug, maybe some ropes and things I can craft around or usual household. And I have a curiosity about the following, maybe combined, anal, dirty ass to mouth, deepthroat, pee, food, fake cum and other messy dares I can't remember right now.
Duration: around 1 hour.
Place: bathtub, shower. I have some bars to tie my hands or feet.

Married, wife unaware, I have limited time to be here:
Like: orgasm control, pain, watersports, humiliation, crafted toys, bondage, mostly anything indoor.
Curious: photos, blackmail, controlled, being forced, and anything not mentioned.
Limits: CBT, body mods and not healthy ideas, scat, public, family, outdoor.
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Old 07-10-2018, 04:51 PM
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Default scat dare

I don't think the point is to look cool in this fetish anyway haha. Here is a nice starter dare.

First off, be sure you need to go before you start. Do this in your home bathroom.
Second, hold it and edge once.
Next get a plate and put a paper towel on it. (paper towel is to make cleanup easier)
now squat over the plate with paper towel and do your thing. If you need to, you can go pee first, although if you want to feel kinkier then pee in a bottle to save just in case you want it .
So now that you have a nice log on your place, kneel in front of the toilet and put the place on the edge of the toilet or hold it. Now to start, just let the very tip of your tounge touch the log. If this is too much already, then I can stop here.
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