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Old 11-25-2017, 04:04 PM
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Default Toronto: M/Dom/35 seeks F/Slave/31-35 ~ age doesn't matter

35 year old dominant male seeking a 31-35 year old slave female

About me
Origin from Hong Kong, living in Canada.
I am experienced with at least 15 years being a Dom.
I am more likely a caring Dom, but make sure you know that I do deliver severe punishments for any rule infractions or disobedience.

What I am looking for
A submissive female whos over 18, age is not a big deal.
Serious, willing, honest, imaginative
With a working cellphone to text and image.
Speak in Cantonese OR Read/Write in Traditional Chinese

Why language specified?
Many of you may ask why there's a language specified in this Ad.
The truth is, I started my BDSM life when I was in Hong Kong.
After I moved to Canada, I have been partnered with all kinds of people with different origin, but never have chance with someone who speaks the same mother language.
I would like to experience and enjoy BDSM in my mother language.
That's why I made this post.

What is Expected
1. Writing proofs (a must)
2. Photo proofs on specificed object (a must)
3. Photo proofs with body parts - no face (prefer but negotiable)
4. Voice (prefer but negotiable)
5. Other ways (negotiable)

You best to have (Kinks)
- Humiliation
- Forced-Orgasm Control(include Edging)
- Hidden/Semi public

I am aware what I am looking for may be a very tall order, but I am hopeful.
If you are interested please message me either here or skype at [email protected]
Curious are welcome.
  • Kinks:
Humiliation, Degrade, Edging/Forced-Orgasm Control, Hidden public, Semi-public, Public, Inspection, Masturbate, Bondage, Shibari, Read/Write, Low-Med Pain
  • Experience:
10+yrs being a Dom.
  • Limits:
I never give blood task.
I don't give dares personally, I give tasks.
PM me if you want a task and don't forget to report.

My Tasks include:
Humiliation, Edging/Forced-Orgasm Control, Hidden public, Semi-public, Public, Inspection, Masturbate, Humping, Bondage, Shibari, Read/Write, Low-Med Pain
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