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Default Conditioning of a Scat Slave - Part 8: The Filth of No Return

Part 8 – The Filth of No Return

This exchange between Mistress and slave, this confirmation of her brutal humiliation, restarted Claudia’s hormonal roller coaster ride. The submissive switch had been activated and she started to get aroused again. More and more people were taking part. Everywhere she looked was a stream of piss, a load of cum, or a dump of turd. Master Klaus was replenishing the shit on her face that she’d previously swallowed and covered her eyes in shit once more. Claudia was completely covered in brown; from head to shoes. She couldn’t see them, the 2 shemales were also shitting on her. She felt them to pack the cups of Claudia’s bra with scat and placed it back over her breasts. They padded shit under her suspenders, while the other stuffed shit into her stockings. The woman who’d been talking to Mistress Eva earlier had a foot fetish and Claudia could feel her forcing her shit between her feet and shoes. Claudia lost count of how many people pissed, came, and shit on her, at her, and in her. It would have to have been close to 20. The trough was a cesspool of defecation and human ejaculate. Its tilt meant Claudia’s head lay at the deepest end of this swamp of sewerage; there was even shit against her ears. Not a single speck of Claudia remained stainless. So many shades, smells, textures, and tastes of different excrement.

Mistress Eva had one more party trick before the night drew to a close. “Now for your reward Shitlips,” she said. Claudia watched as her Mistress collected a mixture of the thick, vile waste sitting at the bottom of the trough, and piled into her mouth as much as it could hold. Claudia felt her mouth filling to the brim, submerging her teeth and slightly surpassing her lips with the moist collection. It had an abomination of everything that had exited everyone’s body over the course of the night. Its consistency soft, creamy, and repugnant.
“Hold that in there and don’t swallow until I say so.”
Claudia’s bowels grumbled with the shit that was still queued up in there.
“Sounds like good timing,” said Mistress Eva.
With her neck still bolted down, Claudia could only feel the Mistress toying at her chastity belt. She wasn’t removing the belt itself, but instead unlocking the dildo and anal plug. Claudia’s moisture let dildo slip out of her with ease. Upon taking the anal plug out, all of Claudia’s built up shit gushed out; with a lot getting caught around the opening of the chastity belt. Claudia moaned, but was careful to keep the payload in her mouth; just as the Mistress had asked her. What she felt next was the gloved hands of Mistress Eva packing her vagina with the shit that had just spewed out her own ass, along with whatever other shit was in reach. Claudia’s thighs were still conveniently chained apart. Mistress Eva continued until Claudia was substantially stuffed like a slimy turkey. She finished off by padding some over her clitoris in completion.

“Now, for a bit of an exchange program,” announced Mistress Eva as she took the anal plug, which was almost as long as a dildo, and started jamming it in Claudia’s shit filled cunt. She shoved the larger dildo in Claudia’s ass and began simultaneously plunging. “Don’t you dare cum until I say so,” she warned.

“UUUUNGHHH,” moaned Claudia as she thrashed against her many restraints with a mouth full of mixed shits and various ejaculates. The Asian woman came in to help Mistress Eva and took over dildo duties in Claudia’s ass. The two of them could now plough with the gusto of 2 hands. Claudia felt all her oppressions, her life following the expectations of others, of hidden taboos, judgments, insecurities, depression; all being released in squirms and moans as she reached levels of filth that she knew she could never return from.

Claudia arched her torso as much as the neck clamp and thigh chains allowed her. She pulled hard against every restraint. She wanted to come so badly, she wanted to coronate her incredible display of submission. She was so full but wanted nothing more than to swallow the stinking shit mix in her mouth; longing to press her shit lips together and flush it down her throat like the disgusting toilet she was.
“Not yet!” cried Mistress Eva, intensifying her thrust as bits of shit flicked out everywhere. Claudia could feel the shit in her vagina being mashed.
“How badly do you want to cum and swallow?” asked Mistress Eva.
Claudia could only moan in a way she hoped sounded like yes, but it resembled the cows more than anything. She moaned again, as loud as she could, hoping she’d get the permission she yearned. Some shitty fluids ran down the side of her mouth as she writhed, some more ran up into her hooked nostrils as she tilted her head back.
“You have my permission to come, Shitlips.”

Claudia had been freed, and with her cheeks puffing out like a brown blowfish, she sealed her lips over the fecal concoction; chewing and moaning, chewing and moaning, eventually swallowing. She squirted in the violent spasm of her orgasm as submitted all control of her body. Mistress Eva and the Asian woman continued thrusting. By the time Claudia’s orgasm came to rest, she was spent. She lay motionless in her swamp, with the taste of turd occasionally repeating on her.
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