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  • I am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been unwilling to submit to me but none have been successful.I can be a cold heartless bitch in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools. I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity and appealing concept understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.
    Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it.
    if you are truly ready to serve me and submit yourself to me as your personal goddess. reply me immediately in my private inbox on [email protected]
    Tried to add you to the holding cell but your Kik didn't work.
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