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    Leather  Dildo for Leather harness?

    Need advice on a dildo toy for the harness. I bought my leather strapon panties on I prefer it because there is an open crotch in leather panties. So it allows giving and taking pleasure. Three O-rings are included in the set. The harness is so comfortable and strong enough...
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    Submissive - degree of blows

    I am a beginner Submissive woman. I am curious to receive a reply from experienced in BDSM culture. Before the session, how to determine for Submissive the permissible degree of blows? Is it acceptable that the Dominant is tried the bondage kits on himself - this will give him minimal knowledge...
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    Sex positions with Leather Bondage

    What is your favorite sexual position using leather bondage cuffs? I am curious, are there any other options for using handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and hogtie, besides Doggy style? We have purchased leather bondage set by and want to practice it as best as possible.