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    Hi franken, here is something U mite like to try WIRE BREAST PLAY.

    Wire bondage can be done a couple different ways one is to use thin wire, or Picture frame wire to tie a noose around base of each breast pulling it very tight go around tit a 5 to 10 times Depending on how large the breasts are you can tie the breast with a ½ inch or tighter interval between the bands of wires and do the same to the other breast, and tie around each nipple. Making it tighter and tighter, then twist the wire then trim the wire with a wire cutters. The next way is to use thin wire to tie the around breasts and nipples this way u can use thin wire as thread to stitches the breasts and nipples twist wire and make it tighter, and tighter then trim the wire with a wire cutters. :cool:

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