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  • Just an FYI that I recognize the writing style of this one and she is has been using several different names and profiles here and on other sites for years, but it never goes anywhere and always wastes time. There are no responses, no follow through, just a lack of respect for the time people put into responding to her posts. If anyone has any evidence of something different I would love to see it. Otherwise my spiders senses say it's not real.
    Always a professional/lawyer from Malaysia or China. See almost the exact same posts from asiandareslut, publicslutforall, tell me i am in deep shit, get_me_in_trouble, Jennifer Lim, Jo Tann, Sharonlim, sweetlinda, linda wong, and there are many other accounts on various sites. Almost the exact same impulsive posts and then vanishes without following through on anything. The pictures change with each account and are often pulled from google image searches.
    It may be a big internet but it's a small world when it comes to such a specific kink.
    I am a master looking for a pet whore to submit herself to me. I will use your slutty holes like a fuck toy and degrade you like the cum dumpster that you are. If you are a submissive pet whore looking to be humiliated on KIK, add me on kik at MasterBrownHunk. The first three rules if you are ready to submit yourself will be : 1. You will end your phrases with Master at the end. You answer back to me, your master, in this manner. Your default " rest " position will be on your knees, your hands on your thighs, looking down. I will be waiting, whore.
    Hi get_me_in_trouble, My task for u is to use as Christmas tree I would love to have u wearing garter belt, Nylons stocking, Heels, with ur tits tied very tight with thin wire, or cords, then tie ur tits tight with red and green ribbons, and then hang Christmas ornaments from her big tits, and nipples and using a Colored Pin, or a needle for each ornaments hang on her the big lovely tits, and nipples to hang 2 ornaments on each nipple, would love to see your pics.
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