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    Hey thanks for welcoming me glad to be here
    I need to have my account deleted, someone from this site added me on Kik and then proceeded to stalk me. the name that he uses has "j0e" at the end, but i can't remember this first part, however "master joe" is the name that appears when messaging him.
    He managed to find my facebook account, though I didn't use my name on kik, and is trying to black mail me, saying this is the only way he would have control over me because he "knew i wouldn't let him be my dominate".
    I have all of my usernames with that since I had my original first email, since the email I wanted was taken. Stuck ever since! (My name comes from one of my favorite songs by metallica though!)
    Hey! Thankyou :) I'm not all the way yet.. i'm about to get on hormones within the next few months if things go to plan. Fingers crossed! ^_^

    You look gorgeous yourself darling :D
    Hey, check out my reply to your thread with the CB3000 question. :D

    I like your profile pic BTW :)
    ooooo I actually really like that dress :D Good choice most deffinatly! Not sure if it was on prpouse but the pose is quite feminine too. Looking good :)
    Hopefully, some day, I'll get to miss Michigan, too. I can't wait to escape this conservative backwater!
    I slip and sound common sometimes is all. And well pardon me, my geniusness slipped on the date of the film. Did you google it just to catch me out? lol Well humans have a small willy in relation to their body. Wood lice have not one but 2 willies that are twice as long as thier body. Why the hell do I know so many willy facts, its weird :s
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