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  • Ive noticed your puppet now has an account! I would love to see a blog from her , her viewpoint of things #suggestion
    This is beautiful! Nice job. And it gives me idears.

    If I had a BM girl / boy I would make a handful of pics :
    one like this.
    One with her mail address
    One with her first name
    One with her full name
    And one with her phone number
    Just a fantasy... But nice I think - powertrip!
    puppetmaster, been following your work on GD for a while and I love it. Please post more here too (with less censorship).
    Thanks New2This54, well I of course do have the version with her face, but I am keeping that safe for her as long as she behaves herself. She worked hard on getting her pose right for me, and I worked hard on choosing the right pose, so we can both appreciate the compliment.

    I'm sure I will be posting more of her. There are a few others (but censored) on gd.

    I will checkout your thread and see if there are any ideas I would like to borrow.
    Hey man. I was looking at your albums. That picture you have got in the Blackmailed Slaves album is perfect. Well near perfect. It would only be perfect if it had a face. I was wondering if we could see more of her.

    Oh and if you want some ideas for pictures for them to take, check out my new thread in the BDSM section.
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