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  • Hi Rachel, I would like do a Christmas painting of u being used as Christmas tree I would love to have u wearing garter belt, Nylons stocking, Heels, with ur breasts tied very tight with thin wire, or cords, then tie ur breasts tight with red and green ribbons, and then hang Christmas ornaments from ur breast, and nipples and using a alligator clamps, 1 alligator clamp for each ornaments hang on her the lovely breasts, and for each nipple hang 2 ornaments. I need a full body photos different views for reference

    [email protected]
    Hi Rachel, i want you to put your toothbrush in your asshole. Then sit down and tape your pussy open. When you finished your pussy, do the same with your ass. I want to be able to see the hairs of the toothbrush, so you should push it almost completely in. Then you can sit on it for 5 minutes and after that walk around the house like a dog with your ass up. Do that for 10 minutes, take a picture of your ass, then take out the toothbrush and take a picture of your gaping asshole. When you did that i expect the pictures. kik: super.master or email: [email protected]
    rubber bands around your nippels, and blindfoldet for 1 hour. Soo you can learn to hear what your master are saying.
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