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  • I have locked the old threads :) I haven't been very active on GD and on here as of late and, by the look of things, will be quite busy in the next months as well but I will try to pop up as often as I can so if there's anything else just drop me a message :)
    lol. I know. As soon as I get back to the PC my images are sitting on, you'll have to wait.
    Here's a few older ones though, just to keep you all sweet...
    Really I just come to your profile to perv over your pic and get a cheap thrill but I thought I should write something to make it look like I was looking for a reason :D

    and hi xx
    I got here first! erm....maybe I should put something intelligent? ermmm....a man with a 10" tongue who can breath through his nose is a womans best friend :p
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