fem dom

  1. E

    HELP(cock milking)

    I’m a switch (male) and my s/o wants to try cock milking on me which I am open to but, neither of us know how to do it properly. Does anyone know how to do it properly or have some sort of guide or link to proper cock milking? (I don’t cum very easily so, if there’s any technique or form please...
  2. N

    Chastity Contract to Quit Smoking Ideas

    Ok, so here’s the situation: I am entering into a contract to use a chastity device to give up control of my orgasms during the time period that I will quit smoking cigarettes. (If you don’t know what that is or you’re not into the kinky side of life I am in a loving relationship and my...
  3. M

    Bisexual Male Slave Birmingham 37 Looking for online Domination

    Hi I’m Mark, I have been into this for several years. I’m looking for a person to sexually dominate me over Skype or Kik. I’m looking for longterm.
  4. Panda158

    Bisexual Male Switch Plymouth 18 Any one in Plymouth ?

    Hi my names Ethan I’m in 18 years old And new . when I turned 18 I sort of vowed to my self I wouldn’t wimp out of exploring my sexuality. I’m looking for something in real life around the Plymouth area. I’m a bisexual switch so I welcome both Male and female doms and subs just keep in mind I am...
  5. C

    Curious if I am femdom

    I am learning more about myself. Not a Dom!
  6. Q

    Mistress looking for subssss

    Is this even an active thing? I have no clue where else to find submissive guys 🤣 if you’re fit and nasty af feel free to message me on kik. Queenj878 😊
  7. F

    Straight Male Slave 19 Looking for a female mistress.

  8. B

    Straight Male Submissive 23 23yo sub boy looking for mistress

    I'm a inexperienced 23 yo sub who is looking for a mistress to obey. You can hit me up on kik boerman69
  9. masterslittleslut

    Female dom looking for female sub

    Hello, my name is Sadie. Im looking for a female sub to own and use as i see fit. I've never had a sub before so this is all new to me but id like to learn and am open to experimenting with any sort of kink. I have a Master who i serve and he is allowing me to do this under the conditions...
  10. Daniel9963

    M4F Looking for some Lovense online play

    Hi everyone! I'm Daniel (I'm M had problems while registering and didn't get the gender I wrote) and recently bought a Hush to play with but playing alone is quite boring. I've always been a sub and more than ever now I want some online play since the toy makes it more real. I'm quite kinky...
  11. Miss M


    Divas Dungeon closed in October 2019. All posts are obsolete.
  12. I

    Looking For Someone to Control Sex Life

    My wife and I are looking for someone to control our sex life. For example, you could say “Today wife gives a blowjob and swallows and she gets no orgasm” or “You 69 to edge 3 times but no orgasms” or whatever you want us to do. Doesn’t matter to us if it is a male or female, just anyone who...
  13. I

    Straight Male Switch 23 Need a Ballbuster

    I am looking for someone, male or female, to ballbust me. Not looking for anything else sexual.
  14. rafasub

    Bisexual M2F Submissive 28 Looking for a Master/Mistress

    I'm looking for a Master or Mistress for occasional sessions or long term. I'd prefer for long term, the main problem should be the timezone, i'm currently on gmt-3, and I should be avaliable to do sessions on night/ after midnight because I live with family. I'm not looking for specific age...
  15. Another sub

    Things submissive's Do That Turn Off Dominants

    Telling a Dominant You Have “No Limits” Most Dominants I know are fairly sarcastic and willing to push a few buttons. Their response to the “I have no limits” statement is incredulous laughter, followed by a dare. Will you let them shit on your face, pee down your throat, or cut you with a...
  16. Slutslavetoy

    Abuse this slut

    Not looking anymore
  17. Slutslavetoy

    Play with me

    No looking anymore
  18. J

    Mommy looking for naughty little boy

    23f, fun aussie mistress looking for a cute boy to play with ;) Into bondage, face sitting, cum control and spanking. Will probably love you if you're cute and have an extra big willy ;) Kik is jessriix Kinda drowning in messages so give me a good reason to reply x
  19. E

    18 m looking for female dom

    I am looking for a long term female dom. I cannot submit 24/7 but will be slave in free time. I am willing to try things and will send pics. Post here then kik me if interested: enemaslave. I will read and reply to all messages and give more information if you want.
  20. D

    Extreme filthy slave(cam) seeking mistress( you don't need a cam)

    Hello Mistress *Only for mistress...males do not message me pls I am 27 male, into this lifestyle for almost 12 years, kinky do online and I can't be 24/7 . But I love being a slave...it just turns me on so much to be ordered to do humiliating tasks while someone watches me. always...