new experiences

  1. SimonaTells

    Here to whisper in your ear.

    Hi, I'm Simona. 29, fine and a lover of wine. Not new to the kink community but I haven't quite found my people yet. I tell sexy stories on my podcast Sex Tells Podcast. I am married and my husband is sitting right next to me watching me post. Can you guess what his kink is? Can you guess mine?
  2. L

    Straight Male Submissive Havana 30 Latino sexy slave

    I do really dream my first experience with real misstress
  3. K


  4. P

    Girl looking exhibitionist activities

    Hi do you have some recommendations for someone who wants to do some public exhibitionism? I'v tried the basics like masturbating in a public bathroom or not wearing underwear but i want more
  5. Panda158

    Bisexual Male Switch Plymouth 18 Any one in Plymouth ?

    Hi my names Ethan I’m in 18 years old And new . when I turned 18 I sort of vowed to my self I wouldn’t wimp out of exploring my sexuality. I’m looking for something in real life around the Plymouth area. I’m a bisexual switch so I welcome both Male and female doms and subs just keep in mind I am...
  6. unicorn

    new ways of pleasing your Dom

    Hi! I'm wondering what new ways can I sexually please my Dom. I'm looking for something more than bj, massage (and ofc obeying fully). I'm talking more like doing something for him that could even surprise a little. So my question is: If you are a sub, what would you do if you'd like to impress...
  7. S

    Straight Male Submissive 30 kik mistress/master for 30m sub

    I'm still new to this lifestyle, and like to explore a little more. I want a mistress or master ready to help discover my kinky side. I don't want to be a fulltime slave, but I'm ready to try new thing. Contact me on kik: sub_n
  8. L

    Gay Male Switch 27 27 yo Switch looking for new experiences

    Hello there, I am a 27 yo guy who has found quite some interest in being both a dom and a sub. I would like to find some other guys to enhance my current view and learn more of what I am capable of and what I can make other people do. Open to a lot and always eager to learn something new. I...
  9. 4

    Newbie look for first time.

    22yo bisexual male sub/slave looking for first time temporary exposure. Love being degraded and humiliated. If you’re arrogant/cocky/dominant/a sadist/master/mistress please feel free to contact me for a chat/to set me a task/introduce me to this site. I love doing as I’m told. Kik: 420tattsub
  10. K

    Searching for a kik-master/mistress

    Master, Mistress, I've discovered this webpage days ago and been super-excited. Online playing is extremely hot and the idea of having a master or mistress instructingnd demanding action of me cannot be more exciting. I love playing and being force to do those things I "don't like". My kik...