19F Mistress looking for slaves


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Jun 13, 2021
Hello, let me introduce myself.
You can find my instagram here: emsfromcali3 (don't message me there i wont reply)

You can call me Mistress Emily, I'm 19 and i live in California.
I'm into younger slim guys who want to satisfy me sexually. I don't want any strings attached because
i have a RL boyfriend (who doesn't know i do this, and i would like to keep it that way)
I would like a boy to serve me on the regular.

I'm not 100% Mistress but i am bossy and like when boys obey me.
All my slaves tell me i give generous rewards

If you like what you see and fit the description, let's have some fun. Message me on kik: emsfromcali3 and send a face picture. (no face pic = no answer)
I'm not a bot, i don't charge anything, all i ask is for you to obey and send things to satisfy me and i will reward you back.

Mistress Emily
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Dec 6, 2015
So I’m confused. Are you 18 or 19? Here in the ad you say 19. Your profile you say 18. Kinda fishy

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