2 week model slave task for males


Not so kinky
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  • Dominant
May 29, 2018
I will be the creative director of your nude photo portfolio

For a period of 14 days you will receive creative briefs for photoshoots. You will take 15 or more photos as directed daily and submit them to me. At the end of our time I will curate, edit, a provide you with a model portfolio for you to use as you like.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOOK LIKE A MODEL. Any age (over 18) or body type is eligible. Photos will be vanilla in nature and display your external desirability.

You must be:
Willing to take nude photos with your face included
Thoughtful regarding the quality of your photos

Bonus points if you:
Have a good camera
Have photographic skill
Are mindful of lighting and composition

Interested models may PM me for consideration.