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Sep 2, 2012
First, thank you for taking time to read this ad, it is kind of long . Secondly, I would like to note that before being your master, I just chat with you as a friend, so I don't give here commands or be strict in my ad and that stuff that people sometimes see it shows their dominance.

Well, let me slightly edit the tittle, I am not only looking for a slave, I am also okay with swtich that sometimes have the urge to be dominant for a little while.

I am a 20 years old master , I live in +2 timezone, and into alot of stuff as a master (probably everything) except dangerous stuff, and I respect my slave's limits.
Let me list the most turn ons for me (though there are more): orgasm control, tease and denial, spanking, humiliation, pussy and nipple torture.
Limits: blood, illegal, dangerous and extreme stuff (in addition to slave's limits)
The stuff that are not in my limits are good with me.

It has been 2 years since I had my first bdsm relation, however, my imagination in this thing has been forever. I describe my self as creative and fast memorizer, so when I pass by reading tasks or dares, lots of that stick in my mind and I can combine some stuff together, so it becomes very interesting. As of previous slaves, I have had some subs, of all types, chat, pics only, and webcam subs.

A little about me:

I wrote before that I consider myself creative, normally gentle, and honest. Well, honesty for me is the most important thing in the relationship, so please you should consider that. As for interests, I love sports (playing and watching, more watching of course ), politics, Electronics. Nothing here that would be common with most girls lol.
That's me "the person", the dominant me is caring but strict, so that means I would be very friendly as long as you follow my tasks and rules, if not you will see the strict me giving you punishments and degrading you.

I wouldn't just try to write the best stuff about me to get you interested, I would like if you find out me by yourself, but I think only one thing that is really worth mentioning is that I will put effort in this as much as you would maybe more, starting from giving time, thinking of tasks, rules, maybe punishments, check that you do the tasks and follow the rules, etc.

What I want from this relation
Obviously, having fun and fulfilling my desire of controlling and the sub's desire of being controlled. I can also help you become a better person, or reach a certain goal you want. The more stuff you are willing to give me control over the more adjustments I would make to your behavior. I would also like to have kind of friendship with my sub, sometimes giving tasks by email and receiving report and that's just it is boring, chatting outside D/s is also fun. However, I am okay with the first type, as well.

Enough with me I think, it is now what I want from a sub: my terms are simple a sub who must be interested in orgasm control, tease and denial, a little humiliation, spanking.
I think I can adapt to the sub's limits, likes and so, I have no strict requirements except for the above.

Here is a list of likes for some more ideas
Likes (NOT in order)
Orgasm control (tease, short term denial (few days), forced orgasms, edging, no touching, etc)
nipple torture
pussy torture
verbal degradation
Toothpaste/icy hot
Use of toys/household items
Control (clothing, bathroom, exercise, underwear, diet)
hidden public
Mild anal
some messy
pee play

Limits (along with slaves limits)
and the usual list ...

Those are the stuff that I remember for now, anything not mentioned is probably in the okay list

I would accept any criteria of subs (or switches), whether chat, or can only send pics or webcam.

If you are interested, pm me with your likes/dislikes/limits/ toys (if you have).
Main way of contact further would be through e-mail.


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Oct 22, 2014
Hi! Your profile sounds really interesting! Is it possible for you to provide some tasks for me? As a touch and go thing if you aren't looking for a long term thing.