26 [F4M] Voice mistress for submissive bodybuilders or hung (8" at least) gents


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Jul 17, 2021
A brief description of what I'm after: I look for a long-term sub to use. I only mic on and will require at least cam of you (you can mic too although it's not necessary, you might as well type/listen only). I won't ask to see your face and I won't charge.

What I do and don't do: I don't like extreme stuff (degradation/humiliation/sissification/anal stuff). If these are a must then skip this add. I like jerk off instructions, mild femdom, mild CBT, cockrings, lube/oil. I can provide CEI if you ask me to.

My requirements: You must be at least 8" hung or very muscled willing to confirm it with a picture (ask me how a picture should be taken before you send any). If you're not willing to send a picture in advance - don't even bother.

My skype is live:e1178899 (aka FemaleLooking4Hung), kik - m11str33ss. We can start from there. Mention the name of this website upon adding.

PM. to people who add me on any app and as soon as they do they ignore my messages or it takes them ages to answer any message - I will remove and block you. No toleration for retards and time wasters.
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Dec 6, 2015
Down. Read the rules on the rules section. There’s no need to post bump unless you’re adding worthwhile input.
Number 13 worth a look.

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